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New around here? I’m Ashli White and I’m the girl behind Sleeping with Jewelry. I love things that sparkle, romance novels, and red lipstick.

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What I Do

In 2018, I started sharing the main things I love to blog about: fashion jewelry, accessories, and styling tips!

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I started this blog to speak to women who want to know what jewelry best fits them, how to use jewelry to accessorize any outfit, and upcoming jewelry trends to discover.

My life was filled with days of never feeling beautiful in my clothes. My weight fluctuated and I was unhappy with my appearance which really wreaked havoc on my confidence. It wasn’t until I found my love affair with jewelry that I found my spirit, my acceptance of my body, and my skin.

That’s why I named my blog Sleeping with Jewelry. For women, jewelry evokes a connection, a passion, an expression, a need, and a desire.

Jewelry is something that excites and used to express ones self. I love helping others style their jewelry because it is the most important finishing touch to any outfit. I know that, while it may come easily to me, jewelry isn’t always intuitive.

If you are a lover of jewelry I invite you to come on this journey of discovery with me because maybe, I can inspire something in you.

I created a Facebook group community were jewelry lovers can connect, support and inspire. Creating this community has really changed my life and the purpose of this blog.

Free Quiz + Style Guide

The biggest things I offer to my readers are jewelry trends, styling advice, and the the best ways to accessorize on a budget.

That’s why I created my FREE Jewelry Style quiz and free mini-guide containing my steps and processes to discovering what jewelry looks best on you! The 20 page mini-guide teaches you how to take your signature jewelry style and apply it to every day outfits.

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I also love connecting with other jewelry and fashion bloggers on my Facebook community. My Sleeping with Jewelry Facebook group is a place where jewelry lovers can talk openly about new trends, ask questions, and interact freely. I am always looking for new members, so if you would like to join just click here.


My biggest traffic generator is Pinterest and I have been growing my Pinterest account for years now. Many of my blog posts are shared here, along with a list of some of my favorite items to shop.

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I am always open to guest posts, sponsored posts and reviews with other bloggers and brands who share my interests. I work with those who I believe will be a benefit to my readers. You can contact me or email info@sleepingwithjewelry.com to work with me!

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