About Ashli Cargill


I’m Ashli Cargill (formally Ashli White before my guy Frederick put a ring on it in April 2017) and I will be your host on Sleeping with Jewelry.

In 2013 I started my own online boutique business to propel myself out of the corporate rat race and become my own #girlboss. With that dream, I am the founder, owner, and buyer of Sincerely, Paige. Sincerely, Paige is an online jewelry and accessories boutique I started in my home office. I created Sincerely, Paige to spotlighting small business entrepreneur startups who have a penchant of handmade jewelry making. I wanted to bring attention to those young dreamers and talented artists.

On the cusp of the four year anniversary of Sincerely, Paige, I started wanting to do something more…something bigger.

Why I started sleeping with jewelry

I started this blog to speak to women about accessorizing. My life was filled with days of never feeling beautiful in my clothes. My weight fluctuated and my clothes looked better on the hanger than on me. I was unhappy with my appearance which really wreaked havoc on my confidence. It wasn’t until I found my love affair with jewelry that I found my spirit, my acceptance of my body, and my skin.

That’s why I named my blog Sleeping with Jewelry. For women, jewelry evokes a connection, a passion, an expression, a need, and a desire.

Jewelry is something that excites me and is something I use to express myself. I love helping others shop for jewelry because it is the most important finishing touch to any outfit. I know that, while it may come easily to me, jewelry isn’t always intuitive. I knew that jewelry blogging was the path I wanted to take my career. So, I decided to create a Facebook group community were bloggers and jewelry lovers can connect, support and inspire. Creating this community has really changed my life and the purpose of this blog.

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If you are a lover of jewelry and want to be apart of a community of trinket-lovers, you’re home! I invite you to come on this journey of discovery with me because maybe, I can inspire something in you.

Services I offer include:

  • Brand Collaborations
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Posting

Please email me with other questions or comments at info@sleepingwithjewelry.com