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Hello there! My name is Ashli Cargill and I am the founder of Sleeping with Jewelry. I created Sleeping with Jewelry in 2017, a few years after I launched my online jewelry boutique Sincerely, Paige. This blog has been such an extreme roller coaster with so much transition and evolution. It has very quickly become my creative outlet and I take such pride in developing my platform.

Why I started my blog

I started taking my blog seriously in 2018 when I had such a fun time sharing my jewelry journeys and talking about sales online. My blog expanded when I took some much needed time off from working as an E-commerce Specialist to blog full time. I love every moment of care, time, and energy my blog needs from me. The main things I love to blog about is fashion jewelry, accessories, shopping, and things about my life. There is no rhyme or reason why I chose those categories for my blog. Simply because I have a passion for these habits and sticking to just one niche is really hard. So, why not talk about everything that interests me. I have found so many other people who love the exact same things.

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I also love connecting with other jewelry and fashion bloggers on my Facebook community. My Sleeping with Jewelry Facebook group is a place where jewelry lovers can talk openly about new trends, ask questions, and interact freely. I am always looking for new members, so if you would like to join just click here.

My Blog’s Mission

I originally created Sleeping with Jewelry to inspire women on ways to appreciate their jewelry to compliment their outfits. My love affair with jewelry was the initial trend of my blog. My mission was sharing with my readers how this single accessory can complete any outfit. I wanted my blog to be the first place women went to find ways to love their their jewelry.

My blog started from the roots of my online store – placing huge emphasis on the only thing I knew, jewelry. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, running a blog, and creating a successful blog. I fortunately found different coaches to help me write inspiring and personable content for my readers. Along the way, I found myself and my voice. I also found a clearer direction I wanted my blog to go. Outside of jewelry, I LOVE accessories, namely handbags! Shopping is something I do very well and I have a few retail shops I am most loyal. I would love for my readers to come on a journey with me in shopping for themselves. My readers are my shopping buddies and the reason I stayed with blogging. Having the chance to find an awesome online sale and talk about that find is the best feeling in the world!

This passion was the reason I started my Facebook group! I wanted to connect and talk about accessories, jewelry, shopping, and blogging.

Want to Collab?

I am always open to guest posts, sponsored posts and reviews with other bloggers and brands who share my interests. I will only work with those who I believe will be a benefit to my readers and to my blog. You can contact me or email to work with me!

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