10 Carry-On Bags to Simplify Your Holiday Travels

And then it was October! Not knowing where in the world the rest of the year went, all of a sudden we are facing the holiday season. Now is the time for spending those paid time off days and saving for bulk shopping. In addition, travel time is at an all time high this time of year. Getting from point A to point B is hard enough given the ever increasing airplane prices. I think packing for those family trips should be the easiest thing you have on your to-do list. I found 10 stylish and affordable carry-on bags that can make your holiday traveling so much easier!

10 carry-on bags for holiday travel

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Your Travel Plans Should Start in October

I have wittingly dubbed the holiday season as “the great escape”! From November to January, people are eager (and some not so eager) to take some much needed time off work. This is the best time of year because the seasons have changed, there are sales everywhere, and family gatherings are starting! Honestly, I really don’t start planning my travel to see family until the month of the event. My family lives mainly in South Carolina and we all unwind at whomever has the larger house.

I used to be one of those girls who bought a bunch of weekender bags with cute quotes, but never used them. What I end up doing is dumping everything into my decade old, faded burgundy suitcase. This suite case has seen me through Asian and European excursions, a honeymoon, a stay-cation in Dallas, and many family trips. So, when my trusty suitcase started coming apart at the seams (literally), I decided to upgrade my travel essentials.

Why I Switched from Suitcases to a Carry-on Bags

I don’t love traveling with a huge suitcase to lug from airport to hotel, so I do my best to live in a carry-on. I realized how, although advanced, today’s luggage sets have become tiring by pulling a 2 wheeled suitcase through DFW Airport. To me, life seems easier when I have a hands free purse, my travel cases for my jewelry, and a simple (but cute) carry-on bag. No matter where I am going, I try to make sure my carry-on routine stays the same. I ensure I have all the necessary essentials to stay sane and comfortable on my trip.

During my trips, I always make sure my carry-on has a liquids pouch, sleeping mask, travel pillow, ear plugs, an extra pair of flats, an extra sweater, and compression socks. I make sure I bring something to snack on and I buy a water bottle inside the airport. All of these items were essentially trapped in my suitcase due to having to check my bag. So, I switched to a carry-on bag to ensure all of my necessities are with me at all times. The switch made my life so much easier and allowed me to forgo a large purse to lug around.

Traveling with Carry-on Bags this Holiday

As countdown to your holiday trip begins, you need to start figuring out your packing situation. Whether you are traveling to a sunny destination, cabin resort, light traveling, or are an over-packer, carrying it all is key.

With this in mind, I hunted down the best carry-on bags so you don’t have to. Plus, you can purchase all of these either via my links, or they are all available on Amazon! I ranged all of these bags in no particular order but included the best sellers and best rated.

10 Carry-on Bags that are Great for Traveling this Holiday

Now, since everyone is not a fan of the hard exterior swivel carry-on bags, I also added in some duffel bags for your travel needs. Most of these bags are sleek, fashionable options for the stylish traveler. The best thing is they are all everyday affordable luggage options under $150 (at the highest). Use any of these carry-on bags for your upcoming travel trip!

What do you think?

Where are you planning on traveling this holiday?! Do any of these bags strike your fancy in making your packing and traveling just a bit easier? My hope is for you to find the perfect carry-on bags regardless of your travel style. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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