10 Necklaces that Rock the Layered Look

Getting the hang of the layered necklace look alone is difficult for most. There are several ways to perfect the layered necklace craft, but most just don’t have the time or patience. That’s why I found a way for those who want the look without the hassle to be incredibly happy! Pre-layered necklaces are the answer to achieving this look while do all the work.

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 The problem with Layered Necklaces

Next to gaps between the buttons of my favorite shirt, tangled layered necklaces are one of my biggest jewelry pet peeves. Until recently, the only fashionable way to layer necklaces was to stack them high with multiple pendants, textures and lengths and pray for the best during the day. Then it happens…

Right before your interview, or date with that hot guy from the gym, you look down and instead of seeing several beautifully laid metal chains drawn down your collarbone, you see this single thick rope and all your pretty pendants jumbled to one side of your neck. So, all you can do is feverishly de-tangle this mess and rearrange your once beautifully crafted masterpiece.

rock pre-layered necklaces

Stacking bracelets and rings are effortless; stacking necklaces can be quite tricky especially if you are working with multiple thin chain layers. Seeing as how this layered necklace trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (and what a tragedy it will be when it does), I don’t want you to get discouraged from those twisted and knotted necklaces. One of my followers asked how one could prevent this from happening, and my only answer to her was to find a “faux” layered necklace that has the appearance of multiple layers, but is actually just one necklace.

I was totally thinking of a random way to prevent a knotted mess from happening, being completely oblivious to the reality of the solution.

Well, I have found a few minimal and statement necklaces specializing in keeping your necklace layers on point. There are plenty of pre-made layered necklaces that come with multiple strands to help you pull off the look. Let me take the guess work out of it – here are the best, and affordable, stackable necklace options that won’t tangle you up!

10 Pre-Layered Necklace That Wont Tangle

What do you think?

I am seriously going to grab a couple of these for myself! Comment below and tell me if this trend is something you would buy in to.


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