14 Statement Earrings You Need this Fall

You only need one statement jewelry piece to wear at a time. Too many pieces worn at once will start to clash and will make your outfit look exaggerated and overdone. As far as jewelry trends are concerned, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of attention grabbing XL statement earrings. This year, all things jewelry is getting supersized, especially earrings. If you have the right statement earrings, then the necklace, broach, bracelet, ring, etc. is unnecessary.

14 statement earrings for fall

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My history with statement earrings

I was at the tender age of one when my Grandma took me to get my ears pierced. Since that age, I have been an earrings lover every day of my 30+ years. What I admire most about earrings is their drama and story-telling abilities. Statement earrings give all the flare you need from the neck up. Though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for a delicate stud earring, over-sized earrings are the easiest to dress with any outfit. Post earrings give an ease and comfortability necessary for lazy days, or quick errand running. I have several post earrings that live on my night stand for when a late night Walmart run cannot be avoided.

How Statement Earrings Can Make any Outfit

The modern day showstopping earring is much more stylish than your Grandmother’s weight danglers. And, despite the staying power or your classic gold hoops or minimal studs, statement earrings are quickly becoming a staple. In fact, statement and tassel earrings are bossing it in 2018. If you are new here, you will find that I am in love with Baublebar to add to my jewelry collection. Their statement and tassel earrings are perfect for every occasion and fit any earlobe.

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I have said earrings make the outfit, and that will ALWAYS be true. It really doesn’t matter if you are going out for date night, a red carpet event, or running errands, your jewelry (especially your earrings) will make or break the outfit. Now that fashion girls have accepted the more is more jewelry mentality, earrings are becoming bigger and bolder using different materials, colors and geometric design. You will find that you don’t need to add on so many pieces to complete one outfit.

Ready for that statement earrings lineup?

I took the liberty of collecting 14 very statement making earrings for different personalities and desired looks. To be honest, any pair of earrings can make your look incredible and have the confidence of any Kardashian. That confidence will make you shine brighter than any of the ideas I pulled together. But, if you have yet to find that one pair of statement earrings, or you are just ready to take the plunge for shoulder sweepers, start shopping!

Shop these 14 statement earrings styles

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Do you love statement earrings? What other Fall jewelry trends are you looking forward to this year?


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