15 Holiday Earrings under $50

Happy holidays to those visiting! This can be a pretty demanding time of year. With hosting family dinners, planning trips, and shopping in between, it’s that time of year you love, and hate. Dressing like you have it all together is hard enough than trying to accessorize as well. What I love about the holidays is the jewelry that makes a special statement. Holiday earrings are special because they are one of a kind! I don’t mean Santa earrings, or earrings with bells on them. I mean color studs and shoulder grazing drops.

holiday earrings

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Holiday Earrings that make a statement

Taking your outfit from “meh” to “FABULOUS” is not that hard. In fact, that transition has nothing to do with what you are wearing. It has nothing to do with your shoes, or your handbag. That transition has EVERYTHING to do with your jewelry. If you have been around here for even 10 seconds, you know my belief that jewelry is what makes the outfit. I have never said anything other than that incredibly easy statement.

When accessorizing with your jewelry, the first thing people notice about you jewelry is your earrings! And why not? They are hanging directly from your head, so yeah people will notice. Either big and bold or small and delicate, earrings are the finishing touch to any ensemble. The holidays is the best time to show off your danglers in the most fashionable way.

This season offers so many statement earrings filled with color and sparkle. So, before 2018 rolls around to offer a completely different jewelry trend perspective, shop this holiday earrings guide!

Shop these 15 Holiday Earrings

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