20 Ways to Master Hair Clips this Spring

Have you seen this child-like trend lately? I can’t imagine you’ve missed it, I mean it’s everywhere you look. Those really cute, vintage looking hair clips. It’s all anyone is talking about, and wearing, this season. Honestly, I haven’t thought of hair clips since my mom forced them in my hair as a child. I will say that I wasn’t floored with this Spring’s coming of hair clips. Is the trend we brought to life as young girls really coming back to us as women? Well, needless to say, yes it is. And, I will admit, the more I see millennials master this hair accessory – the more I am LOVING it! The variations, the colors, the metals, the individuality of each style is mesmerizing! As a salute to living young again, I put together 20 of my favorite hair clips for you to covet this Spring.

20 hair clips to master this spring

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Hair Clips have taken over the season

Spring is almost over already as we enter into the sixth month of the year. I happen to love this time of year because the weather is warm, the days are longer, and accessories are at their peak. Many tend to forget that jewelry and accessories shine themselves when it comes to fashion. So much so that, during times like this Spring, accessories are MAKING the outfit. Instead of just adding a piece of jewelry to accentuate an already made outfit, women are creating the outfit around the accessory. Which is a hard thing to do, and is rare in fashion.

Compared to times when statement jewelry and accessory pieces were all the rage, we entered into a time of minimal everything. I will say that I am happy to see the minimal jewelry trend become outdated, and make room for a more vintage appeal. Not too long ago, I spoke about why buying vintage was much better than buying mass jewelry, and this trend just emphasizes my point.

Hair clips, an accessory that spend most of it’s time in our growing hair as youngsters running around the playground are back! It took me a while to accept putting clips back in my hair as a 30-something woman. I didn’t love the hype, or understand why grown women aren’t even bothering to do their hair anymore thanks to this accessory. But, looking more at this trend, I get it. The hair clip…is hella fire! Especially if you know how to accessorize it, and which clip works best with your style.

Hair Clips take the guess work out of styling

Styling yourself during the Spring and Summer months is much easier than Winter. You can be breezy, you can be casual. There are BBQ dinners, poolside parties, and short term travel to beaches. None of these activities require you to be buttoned up and matchy-matchy. Part of the reason I feel most beautiful during Spring is because I get to let my hair down, literally. No more scarves or knee-high boots that cover for comfort. It’s dresses and headbands to the rescue.

Hair clips allow you to be as casual or chic as you want to be. You can have beach waves matched with a bright plastic clip. Or go chic and girly with a vintage inspired large pearl clip. There is really no end to the possibility of sporting this accessory. Really, your accessory’s statement goes as far as your imagination. Not to forget, this accessory trend is sort of a Saturday errands, running late, or early morning savior. Messy hair day? Second day hair? Bed head? You’ve had those days.

20 Hair Clips that give you your best life

These clips give you your best Spring and Summer life. They tell you exactly what they want you to look like. You provide the outfit, they take care of the rest. I have grown to love these hair accessories, which is why this post is a tad bit behind the trend. But, better late than never! Which is why, if you haven’t already, I want to share with you a few hair clips I found. As usual, all of my recommendations are budget friendly, and totally shoppable favorites. I never suggest what I wouldn’t buy myself.

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What do you think?

Well, can you see yourself living without these clips in your life? Honestly, the more I see them, the more I am drawn to them, especially the pearl clips! Tell me your thoughts on this trend. Would your buy into it? Or, leave it alone this season.

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