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Since I love posting about jewelry and accessories and shopping for both on the regular, I wanted to mix it up a bit. Sometimes revealing personal things about yourself can be nerve wrenching. I am an introvert by nature and I am more comfortable observing others than talking about myself. Reading about my favorite bloggers is some of my favorite things to do because it makes them seem like real people. I love getting to know about them and their personal lives for a few minutes. Blogging and marketing can be all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. So, I wrote down 25 random facts about me that will hopefully introduce me to all of you!

Discover 25 facts about me

Me, Myself and I

I have no idea if these facts, or this post, is interesting. But, I wanted to share more facts about me that sometimes don’t translate in my other blog posts. I tell more about myself and my blog, but those little tidbits aren’t about me as a person. Learning more about you as one of my readers makes me so happy. However, you guys don’t know much about me as Ashli. In no particular order, here goes 25 random facts about me! Enjoy!

  1. My favorite hobby is shopping! Shopping is my best past time activity. I am usually on my phone shopping for random accessories, clothes, books, etc. as long as its on sale.
  2. What (who) I love most is my husband, Frederick. As of April 2017 we were married and it was the best day, and it didn’t rain! He makes my heart ache and I really miss him when he’s not there. He is my guy, and my support system and he truly loves me back.
  3. I am the way I am because I’m an Aquarius and that’s pretty cool. Independence, future thinking, funny and intuitive. I am very comfortable with being the observant outsider, which makes me love writing.
  4. The most unusual item that can be found in my closet is a pair of jacquard print corduroy pants. These Anthro finds are very bright and very eye-catching, probably not in a good way. I wore them to work once and my good friend Jayla told me “oh, those are…fun.” I never wore them again.
  5. My guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians. I can’t stand them as a unit, but I cannot get enough of their life, its so pretty.
  6. An activity on my bucket list is taking a ghost adventure carriage ride in New Orleans. We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon and I never got to go on a ghost carriage ride or eat alligator feet.
  7. My favorite movie of all time is Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind staring Jim Carrey. This is the only movie I can stand with Jim Carrey in a serious role. Plus I was going through a BAD breakup when I saw this movie and I wish that technology was available at the time.
  8. My worst interaction with a stranger was 7 years ago. I was playing Bakery Shop on my phone where you create your own bakery and cook your own sweets. Someone messaged me on the game complimenting my shop and asked how old I was. I told them 25, to which they replied “Wow, that’s really old. I’m 10.” I was so embarrassed and ashamed I deleted the game.
  9. A song that makes me dance no matter how bad I feel is You Make Me Feel by Sylvester. You give it a listen and I dare you not to dance to it. You can’t NOT dance!
  10. My favorite weather is rain. Any kind of rain is the best for me. I am either my most productive or my most relaxed when it rains, its so soothing. I always open my blinds when it rains, I love it that much.
  11. My favorite color is blue, any shade of blue is welcome. I have loved this color my entire life and I own most of that color in my wardrobe. Which is strange because I am told the color that looks best on me is yellow. Hmm.
  12. I honestly cannot stand dark chocolate. Give me milk chocolate, even white chocolate, for days and I will be happy. Dark chocolate is the worst taste in the realm of sweets, to me. My mom loves it, which I can’t fathom why.
  13. I love to write and I actually wrote 2 books, and no one knows I wrote them. That is one reason why I love this blog, its like several mini books I can write publicly.
  14. A strange eating habit of mine is I eat cereal before bed every night. I eat it while watching reruns of The Golden Girls and I won’t feel shame about it.
  15. I admit I cannot draw in a straight line and I cannot throw in a straight line. I have the most unsteady hand in the world. I cant even write in a straight when I write on unlined paper. Yet, I really prefer to write on paper vs. typing things on my phone.
  16. People tell me I speak words of wisdom, but really I’m just talking. I never know anything profound comes out of my mouth until I am told otherwise. I take that as a badge of honor and move on with my day.
  17. I do not believe in ghosts but I cannot watch a ghost movie. The scariest movie I have seen is a tie between The Cell with Jennifer Lopez and House on Haunted Hill.
  18. I am a conflict avoider, it gives me anxiety and a stomachache. I hate confrontation ever since I was a kid and became a serial people pleaser. I am still that way, even though I hear conflict is sometimes necessary.
  19. My husband and I met on Tumblr, haha! I tell people we met online but that makes it seem like we met on a dating app which is not the case.I stopped saying we met on Tumblr because I am not sure if people still use that thing. Plus I feel it makes us sound old.
  20. I am an only child so I am totally comfortable in my own company. I usually have my headphones on in public so I can experience life in my own head.
  21. I geek out over celebrity gossip, a lot. I am a loyal viewer of E! News and Daily Pop every day. I also follow several celebrities on Instagram and have Google alerts on some of my favorite celebs. I will talk about celebrities for hours to anyone who will listen.
  22. I have the hardest time saying no. I used to think saying no to people would make them not like me anymore. So, I grew up saying yes to everyone about anything. I volunteered for things that I really had no interest in just because I was terrified to say no. To this day I still say yes, so I don’t talk to people as much.
  23. I see the world in black and white, no shades of grey or nuances. Either something is, or it isn’t. Yes or no. Good or bad. Like or dislike. This is how I think and it’s how I assume others think.
  24. I get bored very easily. I am always on the look out for the next adventure, or for the next interesting thing to spark my curiosity. I don’t like to stay idle because I see it as a waste of time and life. I like to be up and learning and growing.
  25. What I am most proud of is my voice. My voice carries and I was teased about it for a good portion of my life. It took me a while to value that God gave me a strong voice and a voice that demands to be heard. That’s probably why I talk so much, I love using my voice. It’s my proudest asset and I choose not to cover it.

Tell me more about you!

Wow, I’ve never talked so much about myself. I was running out of things to say around fact 17, but it was fun! Tell me 1 really random, funny, meaningful, or expressive fact about yourself.

Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

FUN FACT: I am a donut lover with a slight shopping addiction.

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