How to wear these 3 jewelry trends for Fall

We are officially in Fall and there are so many trends taking place it’s hard to keep count! Besides discussing fashion and accessory trend updates that are everywhere, jewelry is no exception. I have been researching jewelry trends for Fall this month and there are definitely a few that stand out. Here are three Fall jewelry trends to add to your collection this season!

3 jewelry trends for fall people are wearing

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2018 Women’s Jewelry Trends for Fall

So far, I have covered boots for Fall, my favorite Fall sweaters, and must have tote bags for Fall. Now, I would love to dive deeper into my favorite trend, jewelry! If you are new here, I love talking about jewelry trends and designers to take notice. I have noticed shifts in the market including larger earrings and gemstones. There are three main collections that have become constant in the Fall jewelry atmosphere. Below, I quickly discuss these jewelry trends for Fall and give some top pieces to shop!

Discover Three new Jewelry Trends for Fall


Chain jewelry is something I discussed not too far back as a prediction for Fall. Turns out I was right! Chain jewelry and accessories are totally here for Fall and I honestly love this trend. The biggest market change I am seeing is designers creating chunkier chains that make a huge statement. We are not talking about those monstrous yellow gold chain necklaces from the 80’s. Think structured and delicate. Or, think detailed and statement making. Those are the words I would use to describe this exciting new jewelry trend for Fall!


Pearls are timeless and will forever be a staple in any southern girls jewelry box. I, myself, am a sucker for a quiet pair of pearl studs to elevate my status. The Fall, jewelry designers are hitting the pearl trend hard with rings, necklaces, earrings and even broaches. Pearls can be fashionable and used to nail that corporate dream job.

Here are a few pearl jewelry trends for Fall that are really standing out.

Layering Necklaces

I talk about layering necklaces all over this blog, mainly because I love the look! Layered necklaces give a sleek look to any outfit. Depending on your personality, you can either go statement or minimal with your layered necklaces. Layered necklaces are such a fashion statement they can live all year around. However, for Fall, this jewelry trend is much more prominent. You can choose anywhere from layers on layers of gold chains, to retro pendants with matching chokers.

The difficult thing about layered necklaces is how to layer them. There are actually two solutions to this dilemma. You can either layer piece by piece, or you can purchase necklaces that are already pre-layered.

Which of these 3 jewelry trends for fall is your favorite?

I would love to hear which trend you love the most!


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