3 Reasons to Buy Vintage Jewelry

As someone who likes to frequent Anthropologie on the regular, I am a sucker for “Grandma’s jewelry drawer” accessories. I love running this blog because it keeps me on the fast paced cyclical track on the latest jewelry and accessory trends. Over the last several months, I have seen so many mass productions and overly shopped items of Instagram’s elite influencers. I am usually left craving more of what’s different and unique. Jewelry comes in so many different shapes and sizes. So why are we all buying the same damn thing? To satiate my frustration with today’s seasonal jewelry trends, I started digging into my first love of all time – vintage jewelry.

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3 Reasons for Buying Vintage Jewelry

1. Throwback is on Trend

Seasonal trends come and go, that is what they are meant to do. But, there are those special pieces that stay for the long haul. Think of the Chanel quilted handbag. Or the Chanel pearl necklace. One of the buzziest trends out there, and one of my personal favorites, is the vintage style pearl hair clip.

A few months back when I was looking at upcoming trends for Spring, I was ecstatic to find a rendition of the pearl hair clip was making a bold comeback. It’s classic, casual, and put-together. Clips are jewelry for the hair, and this vintage jewelry hair clip is a fashionable nod to the early 1920’s. Needless to say, several bloggers fell in love with the look, including yours truly.

Before you go rushing to buy the newest version at full price (because we don’t spend loads of money on this blog) I did the homework for you. I did a quick search and found the exact styles that are vintage inspired and you can shop worry free.

2. Vintage Jewelry is Affordable and Unique

One of the best parts about shopping vintage, and even second hand, is finding that incredible deal on an otherwise extremely expensive item. I like to think – with affordability is exclusivity. You can find a ton of limited edition vintage jewelry items on affordable retailers like 1928, Anthropologie, and Baublebar.

Honestly, nothing makes me feel more like myself then when I wear vintage pieces. They are elegant, and each item tells a story. These are items you will rarely see on the street. I wish I had a chance to honor my favorite pieces from my Grandma’s pearl and diamond jewelry collection when she passed.

3. Sustainability

I recently started understanding more about sustainability from sustainable and ethical bloggers like Andrea Hartman. Wanting to shop more sustainable items will continue to drive my shopping habits. Understanding the impact of fast fashion on our environment has been a huge motivator in buying pre-owned vintage jewelry. eBay’s Authenticated Program also extends to other luxe goods such as watches and jewelry.

Next time you decide you want to invest money into a designer trend or look, I highly recommend going vintage and sharing this blog post as a resource for the latest trends.

Where to Find Vintage Jewelry

Why my ever growing love for unique pieces and vintage jewelry, I wanted to share where you can buy these items. And as usual, everything is budget friendly!


One of my tried and true places to find vintage jewelry (and vintage jewelry adjacent styles) is Anthropologie. I have shopped at Anthro for over 7 years and have become fluent in their overall whimsical style and feminine eccentricities. Walking into any Anthropologie magically transports me into my happy place.

Over the years, I have really been collecting Anthropologie for vintage pieces for my wardrobe, house and jewelry collection. But nothing at Anthro, as you might already know, comes cheap. One look at the price tags, and I’m instantly jolted from my happy place into reality. So, I only shop the sale racks. This might sound low-brow to some, but times are tough for a girl and vintage jewelry is just as nice when it’s 40% off.


If you can’t really find any authentic vintage jewelry resellers, might I suggest 1928. Inspired from the vaults of rich European capitals to the antique laden attics of old American estates, 1928 created modern replicas of the most beautiful, exquisite vintage jewelry ever made. 1928 has sought to provide exceptional value to the fashion savvy consumer who is dedicated to building her vintage jewelry collection and unique accessories. The jewelry at 1928 are designed to respect the details of period pieces while offering fresh design interpretations to fit today’s styles and fashions.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is primarily a home furnishing and decor store. But, they also have an impressive vintage jewelry collection that is worth checking out. On their site and in their shops you’ll find designer, vintage, and exclusive home, art, decor and accessories to fit every style.


I must admit – I am a bit new to eBay. eBay was once known as a platform to place bids for household and gently used items. I never really turned to eBay to solve any problem I had. It wasn’t until eBay re-branded themselves to become a competitive shopping go-to. I looked to eBay for vintage items for my home, and then turned to it for my wardrobe. I also found this space to be a great place for vintage designer gems that are perfect for your jewelry collection. There is such a wide selection and if there is a trendy piece you have been coveting, chances are eBay has it!

What do you think?

What are you thoughts on vintage jewelry? Is this a trend that you see yourself wearing? Any other reason why shopping vintage is better than shopping the mass trends?

Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

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