4 Free Ways to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

This Summer is all about the bling! Trendsetters are finding better ways to wear jewelry in layered fashion and we are loving their style. I have tried several ways to wear every piece of jewelry I own. I have shown different ways to style jewelry and accessories (and bags) this season with love and care. Now, at the end of the day, we must take every piece off and inspect. With hot Summer days, comes the sweat glands we all hate. And with sweat, comes tarnishing of silver and the lackluster shine of gold jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry is a MUST in order to extend its lifespan, but how without getting a professional cleaning? Well, this post is meant for the DIY lovers, because I found 4 incredibly easy ways to clean your jewelry at home!

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Why Is Cleaning Your Jewelry Important?

Simple, to keep your jewelry sparkling and free of buildup. The truth is, no one wants to look like they are wearing dirty jewelry. The same train of thought goes into our hair looks and outfits. We want to look clean and put together – like we care about our outward appearance. Well, the same goes with our jewelry. Whether you are going layered, Lucite, heart shaped, or rocking the shells trend, your jewelry matters.

In my group Sleeping with Jewelry, our community of jewelry loving women discuss their tips on how best to maintain their most favorite pieces. If you aren’t already apart of the conversation, I would love for you to join us!

How often, and where you like to get your jewelry cleaned, should be considered. I like to clean my jewelry once a month, if it is a constant staple to my overall outfit. My diamond engagement ring and band I will not mess around with. My guy spent loads of money on them and I want to have a professional take care of those. Since we bought our wedding bands at Jared, we have our jewelry cleaned there for free any time we want! It’s a simple walk in to request a cleaning. While I am there, I can also have my rings inspected.

For my less expensive pieces, I don’t have to make too much of a fuss when cleaning them. For example, there are a pair of hypoallergenic gold studs that I wear on a daily basis because of my sensitive ears. I won’t waste my time driving all the way to Jared’s to clean them. I’d prefer to save money and find something free and and nearby to get the job done.

How to Clean your Jewelry at home

We all have better things to do in life. We have better things to do than stand in line for an hour. Or, drive to the other side of town. Even, spend money we don’t have to buy things we won’t use. As an indoor enthusiast, I would much rather spend my time finding ways to make my life easier by not going outside. Judge if you must, but we have all been there at some point. So, when it came time to do my monthly duty of cleaning my jewelry, I really wanted to find a way to save money. Plus, I really wanted to skip the trip of driving out to the store to purchase a self-cleaning jewelry kit.

So, I found 4 easy-peasy ways to clean your jewelry at home with products you already own! These hacks save you time, money, gas, and the stress of using those toxin filled jewelry cleaners.

In addition to cleaning my jewelry, I love thinking about different ways to look my absolute best. I love planning ahead to buy exactly what I want to rock that season! This includes outfit inspiration, and jewelry trends. So, I make a wardrobe wish list so in 3 quick steps, I am creating the closet of my dreams! Get the exact template I use by clicking below.

4 at home hacks to clean your jewelry

Baking Soda and Dish Detergent

To get that bright and shiny look to your jewelry all over again, all you need is some baking soda to clean your jewelry! Gather dish detergent, baking soda, salt, aluminum foil and a bowl. Line the bowl with the aluminum foil, pile in the baking soda, salt and dish detergent, followed by some hot water. Drop in your jewelry for 10 minutes and then remove from the cleaner and scrub with an old toothbrush. Viola! Good as new jewelry that your cleaned for free.

White Vinegar

This process is used for GOLD JEWELRY! I would recommend not using vinegar on silver because it will tarnish and rub off the finish. Since gold jewelry is trending like crazy this season, you’ll want to make sure it shines like new. Keeping your gold jewelry clean is as simple as reaching into your kitchen pantry for some white vinegar.

White vinegar is an easy way to make gold shine. Let your gold jewelry sit in white vinegar for up to 15 minutes, making sure to move it around every now and then. Then use a soft toothbrush to clean and rinse the jewelry!


Antacids are wonderful at cleaning away built-up debris from your favorite jewelry. Just put a tablet in a bowl of warm water and then drop in your jewelry. Let it sit, then remove and rinse with gentle scrubbing from a soft toothbrush.

Glass Cleaner

Yes, the very same blue stuff you use to clean your mirrors. Reach for that same bottle when you want to clean your jewelry. This step is perfect for cleaning your diamonds! You can use Windex on its own, or make a concoction with one part glass cleaner and one part hydrogen peroxide. The result will make your jewels shine.

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