4 Jewelry Items You Can Wear 24/7

Can we all agree that picking jewelry (and clothes) is a lot like choosing friends? They come and go, they can rub you the wrong way, but you will always have your number 1 BFF. We are conscious when choosing the people in our lives, the same way we should be when choosing the jewelry items to wear each day. I am all for impulse buying and collecting several items for my wardrobe. However, I have noticed that this behavior isn’t great for my bank account. I also realized that, although I have numerous amounts of jewelry types, I really only wear one or two pieces as my go-to. Like any BFF, the best jewelry items are the ones you will never get sick of. These 4 jewelry items are sure to be your besties that you can wear all day, every day.

4 jewelry trends you can wear every day

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Why Wear Certain Jewelry Items Daily?

Just like clothing, jewelry is versatile that can be styled differently for any occasion. This can include daytime, work, night-life, work-to-weekend, 24/7. Finding jewelry items that can transition to any occasion is not the easiest thing in the world. Not to mention, finding versatile items that are also budget friendly.

In a previous post, I talked before how rainbow jewelry can also be worn all year. In my opinion, jewelry trends have the massive capability to be worn all year around. Whether your style is spotlight demanding in statement grandeur, or you are the quiet wallflower in minimal chic, your jewelry speaks to you. Having your favorite go-to items that just so happen to fit with any transition occasion is the best. Finding these jackpot items can certainly be tricky.

First, you must understand your overall jewelry look and what type of style best matches your everyday wear. Then, the fun begins by shopping for your jewelry at retailers that respect your wallet. For example, I happen to LOVE minimal pieces from GLDN, however their price point is a bit high for my tight budget. So, I try to find similar pieces from retailers that I KNOW have my back, like Baublebar.

Shop 4 Jewelry Items Perfect for Every Day

I would like to introduce you to some of my favorites that are great for anytime, any day of the week. I think you might hit it off with these 4 jewelry items! I listed jewelry pieces that are transitional, fashionable, budget friendly, and are from some of my favorite retailers. And, just because you are a fashionable babe and you have read this far, I listed 3 ways to wear each item. Inspiration hits when you have a bit of help!


Worn Best With:

  • T-shirt + jeans + sneakers
  • Blazer + suite pants + heel
  • Black slacks + fitted crop top + loafers/brogues


Worn Best With:

  • Short jacket + t-shirt + jean skirt + sneakers
  • Ruffled blouse + pencil skirt + heels
  • Checkered blazer + matching suit pants + low chunky heel


Worn Best With:

  • Summer dress + red lip
  • Bright suit + handbag
  • Denim + t-shirt + sneakers


Worn Best With:

  • Oversized with shirt + layered slip dress + sneakers (or your favorite work shoes)
  • Silk cami + skirt + block heel
  • Half tucked button top + wide leg jeans + sneakers

What Do You Think?

So, would you hit it off with any of these items? Hopefully you found at least one piece that pulled your heart strings. I wanted to stick with more pieces that were very simple in their look, nothing too flashy because sometimes flashy is a bit much for a late night grocery run for milk. Tell me of any other items or brands that are perfect to wear 24/7 in the comments!

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