5 Biggest Earrings Trends to Know for Fall

If you are new here, there are three things I love talking about – jewelry, accessories, and shopping! So, when I find instances to talk about all three, I jump on that opportunity quick. Taking a simple piece of jewelry, such as earrings, and creating an outfit around it is my jam. I am always on the search for the next biggest trends to share with you and today, I found 5! Get ready to take notes on the 5 biggest earrings trends to know this Fall. These new Fall trends are not so “trendy” you just cannot/would not wear them. They are easy pieces to match with almost any outfit. Plus, they are all super affordable!

5 earrings trends for fall

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Why do i love jewelry so much?

One thing I love about jewelry is its transformative properties. Any outfit can be upgraded by just adding an additional accessory or jewelry item. I spent much of my life never loving how I looked in my clothes. I always felt too fat, or too ugly, or too misshapen to really enjoy my clothes. Once I put on a piece of jewelry to accentuate my clothes, I no longer felt like I had to hide.

I have always believed the importance of cultivating your jewelry looks to ensure every outfit is as stylish as possible. I have spent several years of my life discovering, understanding, and perfecting my jewelry collection. Stacks of hoops, studs, and statement earrings graze my ears on any given day. I love incorporating different earrings trends every season, rather it be a pair of basic gold hoops or larger statement pieces. No matter the look you are going for, there is always room for a new jewelry piece to shake up your look. I love adding new trends to my wish list for each season, and earrings trends are big this Fall.

New Earrings Trends from Fashion Week

Jewelry designers are really delivering in the earrings trends department this Fall. I spoke briefly on other trends happening, like chain link everything that will transition for the new season. The earrings trends I saw during the 2018 Fall/Winter runways were certainly varied. There was all out 1980’s “glam” moments thanks to the triumphant return of the maximalism fashions. On the more artistic side, there were more eclectic, deco-inspired shapes. Pretty pearls offered a more classic, yet exuberant, pieces.

What I pieced together from different trends that made it to Fall, and the sightings from Fashion Week, this season’s earrings trends will certainly be one of a kind. Proving that no matter what kind of jewelry wearer you are, there is an earrings trend with your name all over it.

5 Earrings Trends to Try this Fall

So, lets get the ball rolling on the new earrings trends happening this season! I found 5 styles that will adorn everyone’s ears for the next several months. The great thing, as with every trend, is there is a price for every budget. I found several that match each type of price point that range from investment items to affordable fashion. With some of these earrings trends, it’s best to think with a more is more mentality. Scroll to shop my picks of each Fall earrings trend.

Pearls Earrings Trends

I talked about the numerous jewelry styles all dedicated to pearls for Fall. This trend actually surprised me that it would be so popular during my lifetime. Honestly, if you told me that 2018 jewelry trends would include items that look like my grandmother’s pearls, I would call you cray cray. However, seeing what these jewelry designers are creating centering around this trend, I really cannot get enough of wearing pearls right now.

I suppose non-precious pearl earrings give off a classic, and renaissance, look that is really trendy. There is such an influx of organic, baroque pearl shapes I am seeing this Fall, especially those atop metal hoops. Designers are re-imaging this earrings trend to feel anything but stuffy for Fall.

Rainbow Earrings Trends

Gemstones saturated in candy colors are such a nod to the 80’s party girl style. What’s funny is I predicted this rainbow trend for jewelry was going to be HUGE for 2018 last November! I really want to grab myself a few rainbow jewelry items, especially for this earring’s Fall trend. These bright earring baubles are best completed with multiple colors on a bed of gold or silver.

Natural Earrings Trends

What is great about trends is there is a place for every fashion girl’s preference. With every “out there” trend, there is a more practical counterpart. This can include from simplistic, understated, minimalist, barely there jewelry pieces. Or, the more practical approach can include designs that send you back to nature. Designers took inspiration from more earthy materials and gifted them very imperfect shapes. Wood was the big earring material used to create the natural trend look and I am kind of loving it!

Abstract Earrings Trends

Art school and handmade jewelry makers are sure to drool over this new Fall earrings trend – abstract! Think of the old saying “art imitates life”, or is it “life imitates art”? Either way, this earrings trend really takes on the later. I can feel a familiar point of reference to Knobbly Studio’s nude abstract earrings. That designer’s famous collaboration was the biggest earrings trend of 2017 and I was all over it! I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to actually bite the bullet and put an abstract nipple on my earlobe. But you tell me what you think about the art school trend!

Chain Link Earrings Trends

Ah yes, chain link jewelry once again. I spoke about chain link jewelry and accessories and how they are sure to take over this Fall. Well, my predictions were correct! The hoop earring is one staple in every fashion girl’s jewelry box. So, it just seems right that jewelry designers find some way to freshen up the silhouette, such as adding some links! Chain link earrings add an overall tough girl look to every outfit. They can range from small hoop chains for work appropriate days, or shoulder grazing hoops for a night out.

What do you think?

Now that your earlobes are all caught up on the latest trends just for them, I want to know what you think! Tell me your thoughts on these Fall earrings trends in the comments below!

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Ashli Cargill

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