5 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Purse

Here’s what happens. In the winter I like to carry my extra large tote that holds everything from empty gum wrappers, extra sweaters, and my Starbucks coffee tumbler. But come warmer weather, I really like to shed my oversized tote for something lighter and more manageable. It’s when Spring comes along that I realize my tote has become a bottomless pit that has taken my keys and wallet hostage. We tend to carry our whole lives in our purses, but do we really need everything and the kitchen sink? If you’re tired of lugging around your heaviest purse, I’ve got 5 tips to help you out. Here are a few quick ways to declutter your purse for Spring.

5 Quick Ways to declutter your purse

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Why I Decided to Declutter My Purse

I really love wearing crossbody bags because they are smaller, lighter, and slimmer. These little babies can easily come with me on Saturday errand runs and can transition from sun up, to sun down without missing a beat. This is vastly different from my reminiscent days of my straw circle bag from Accessory Concierge – you can check out a similar one here.

I will admit, it was very unnerving to leave the house with my minimal “just in case” items in tow. But within a few days, I found myself growing accustomed to the lighter weight of my purse. I loved how just grabbing a small hands free bag made my day out so much easier. The freedom of a smaller purse is wonderful. It’s nice not to have to carry a heavy bag on my shoulder and go digging for my essentials. Or, wonder why I kept so many damn receipts.

Tips to Declutter Your Purse

1. Switch from a wallet to a card holder

During the colder months (and when I am not paying attention) my wallet can get just as big as my purse. Let your wallet be the first thing you shrink in your purse.

2. One is Enough

I know we like to travel with options in our purses. I am guilty of taking multiple packs of gum and mascara with me wherever I go. But, these things tend to pile up. Take the time to scope out your purse and make sure you only have one of everything.

Another great tip is to look for travel size everything. There is no need to carry a full size bottle of hand lotion, you’re just losing a ton of space. Fortunately, many stores carry eco-friendly travel size products. Or, try looking for two-in-one items. For example, lip balm + lip color in one. You will be amazed by how much space opens up.

3. Take advantage of your phone

Phones nowadays are your virtual assistance. Whether you rock an android or iPhone, your phone can do some incredible things. With built in apps and others you can download (for free of course), your phone can take care of all your daily tasks.

I use my phone as a notebook, a calendar, an e-reader, a camera, and my wallet (thanks to Samsung Pay). A good addition to your phone is getting a phone case with a built in card holder. Boom – no need for a separate wallet or card holder!

4. Organize Your purse

A good rule of thumb, especially if you lose your keys in your purse more often then not, is to keep it clean and organized. Come up with a simple and easy to remember system for your purse. Get creative by utilizing the zippers and pockets for certain items. This may seem like an obvious means, but your purse can turn into Mary Poppin’s bag of mysteries when you throw whatever anywhere in your bag.

Combining like items and placing them in pockets helps to declutter your purse. Use the side pockets for your keys, phone, wallet, makeup, or anything that will easily fit. Pro tip: Downsize your keys to the main ones you use daily. Also, limit the makeup you take with you to just mascara, lip balm, and lipstick (1, 2, 3).

5. Have your car do the heavy lifting

If you regularly drive your car, consider keeping your just in case items in a designated spot in your car. That way you have them when you’re out, and you don’t have to keep them in your bag.

For example, I wear my earbuds everywhere I go. Instead of keeping them in my purse, I store them in a tray in the console. This way, my earbuds are always with me, and I just grab them when I get out of my car. I also keep my sunglasses and extra pens in my car instead of in my purse.

Pro Tip: Use a crossbody to declutter your purse

As a person who likes a smaller bag to carry her life, I have really grown to love My Bag Handbags as a go-to. I purchased my light blush gem (featured above) from My Bag and it’s perfect. It fits all of my essentials, but stays out of my way. It is also a crossbody, so it’s hands free! I can comfortably fit my phone, card case, tinted lipstick, pen, hair clip, sunglasses, and keys inside. What I love most about a crossbody is you can go simple or chaotic with the design. It’s almost like a sculpture you can wear.

What do you think?

So, are you in the mood to switch to a smaller, lighter bag for Spring? What’s the one thing in your purse you can remove to lighted your load right now? If you already carry a smaller bag, tell us your favorite benefit. Or, give us your favorite pro tip for keeping your purse pared down.

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