5 Ways to Style Beach Bags this Summer

Spring has bloomed and passed. On now to overly dried lawns and scorching long days. The weather can be torturous during Summer, depending on your location. Luckily we live during the time of resort vacations and exotic destination travels. This time of year is the worst, think heat waves and triple digit A/C bills. But it is also the best time of year because of online sales and BBQ dinner dates with friends and family. My favorite stores are positively brimming with online sales, so of course I will join in the hype. With that, I what I want to talk with you about something special – the beach! More specifically, what to carry to the beach. Beach bags are becoming a style all their own, thanks to last year’s craze of straw handbags. I gathered 5 of the trendiest beach bags to style when you hit the water.

5 beach bag trends to style for summer

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Designer Bags vs. Beach Bags – Who Wins for you?

I have come to notice that, thanks to Instagram influencers, beach bags are now becoming the main attraction to most outfits. I am seeing less designer bags hanging on the shoulders of fashion bloggers. Now, it’s the chic styles of a carefully woven beach bag. In the variations of these bags, they are styled in ways of woven, crochet, embossed, and brightly colored. Not to mention the shapes and sizes ranging from petite to plus. I was lucky enough to snag a woven circular bag from Accessory Concierge last year, and it was the best addition to my wardrobes – similar here.

I’ve grown quite fond of the recent shift from designer bags to beach bags as an everyday statement. For one thing, it really helps me save money on purchasing structurally stylish handbags for one season. Beach bags not only come in a variety of shapes and textures, but their price range is also more reasonable. They transition from Spring to Summer effortlessly. So that beach vacation for Spring break can also haul your same tow aways for your Summer trip to the Bahamas. Without skipping a beat, these bags can move and shake with the climate just as well as your wardrobe.

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Don’t Buy Another Beach Bag until you read this

The new season calls for many of the same trends as Spring. Summer brings with it pearl hair accessories, statement sunglasses, lightweight scarves, and beach bags. The great thing about Summer is you don’t have to purchase anything new in order to fit the season. Many of Spring’s trends and outfit upgrades can live long during Summer.

I really cannot stress enough about the variations of this Summer’s beach bag trend. Instead of boring you with topics of price point, size range, versatility, structure, and so on, I thought I would make this post more fun. We all love starting and secretly coveting fashion accessories that others possess. We continuously think “Man, I would love to own that so I can look like her.”

Well, as much as I detest comparison amongst women, I can understand the thought. So, I wanted to take this post to share the main thing we love – how something looks from the outside.

5 Beach Bags trendy enough to buy

Straw, rope, basket, tote, wicker, raffia, and so on. These are just some of the different beach bag styles I have come to notice over the last few months. Ranging from high street to high end, fashion lovers have not run out of ideas for styling these chic bags. No matter if you are heading straight to the beach, or sitting at your favorite resort restaurant, there is a style for you.

Now that PVC bags are out and beach is in, I have rounded up 5 distinct beach bag trends you can style for Summer. These bags are rounded up from some of my favorite retailers and, as usual, budget friendly. What’s the point of going to the beach toting a bag that costs more than the trip itself? I did my absolute best to keep the price range of these bags respectable, but you might find a splurge item or two listed.

Along with each trend, I noted reasons behind loving each Summer style. Browse, covet, and shop! These picks are all ones that I personally love and not sponsored or endorsed.

Rope Beach Bags

These treasures are often a bit smaller than their classic tote cousin. The new wave of string bags are often found in bleached cottons and ropes. Think drinks on the French Riviera as opposed to days spent on the actual beach. Nonetheless an on trend statement for the Summer that’s all over the high street. You’ll find these bags crocheted, tied and woven and they’re the perfect addition to all your Summer looks. 

Accessorized Beach Bags

This classic beach bag comes with a little something extra that stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s a dash of colour, a pom poms, a cheeky slogan, or statement tassels, an accessorized beach bag is a simple but effective way to add a little fun into even the most basic of looks.

Branded Beach Bags

From structured wicker bags created by Prada through to relaxed woven totes designed by Chloe, you’ll find a multitude of designers have made their way into beach wear. My personal favorite is the minimal Stella McCartney that would be the perfect plane partner.

Bright Beach Bags

I might not be on board with the tie dye trend this Summer but I’m most definitely excited about the trend of rainbow bright accessories. Think the brighter the better with this trend and take your straw tote from the beach to the bar with ease. My personal favorite is the large Pimkie tote from ASOS that’s roomy enough to hold everything you need, no matter how you style it. 

Classic Beach Bags

The chicest of them all, the classic straw or raffia beach bag. So on trend you’ll find yourself wanting to use it everyday and not just on vacation. H&M have some great options online right now including the below dupe for the Loewe straw tote for a fraction of the price. I’m also loving the simple circular option from Whistles, that you could style for everything from brunch to beach.

What do you think?

How is this beach bag trend treating you? Are you loving this style as an everyday look, or should we just save these for the beach? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to share this post!

I hope you found this helpful! Now let’s add these bags to your wardrobe wish list for the season!

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Ashli Cargill

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