6 Finds I Saved to My Instagram Collections

My Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration I use to make myself want more than I should. I use this app to shop, escape, stalk, and unwind. Lately, I have been using Instagram as a virtual retail closet. I have started saving different finds from fashion bloggers who have the best taste and money to spare. If you are new here, you should know I love jewelry, accessories, shopping, and talking about all three. Instagram is my favorite place to discover and connect with my followers on what accessories are hot right now. I listed my top 6 favorite Instagram collections from the best fashion bloggers and their best accessories in their possession.

6 of my favorite instagram collections

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What is Instagram Collections?

Simply put, I love shopping, and if I cannot afford what I love, I just save it for later. This is what Instagram Collections has gifted to me, and everyone. If you are late to the game, Instagram added a nice feature called “Saved” or “Favorites” or “Collections”, which all mean the same thing. On each post in your feed you will notice a little flag you can click. This flag saves that post to a hidden section on your personal profile page. You can scroll all of your previously favorited posts any time you like!

I honestly love this feature because I no longer have to screen grab an image I like. Nor do I have to, God forbid, remember whose profile captured my attention and scroll their entire feed later on for that one image. Nope! Now, all I have to do is click that little flag on each image, and re-visit that post when I feel like it. I love utilizing this feature to save anything from funny memes, to composed pictures for inspiration, to fashion pieces I love. These fashion pieces take up most of the space on my collections page because I naturally really want to buy each item.

6 Jewelry + Accessory Finds Saved to my Instagram Collections

Speaking of later use, I found that I saved so many fashion pieces that it started to look cluttered with randomness. I started scaling down my favorites page to include my most coveted jewelry and accessory items. Want to see what and who I have been eyeing for the longest time? To see and shop the jewelry and accessory items I currently have saved to my Instagram collections, just keep reading.

Since these are not my images, I have credited each blogger below their post. I really suggest following these artsy and fashionable girls as they have an incredible eye for style!


Instagram: Lizzie Fortunato

Shop the bag:

Instagram: Luna Skye by Samantha Conn

I am really into the idea of wearing these sparkly signet rings on my index finger!

Shop the ring:

Instagram: Doina Ciobanu

Instagram is the BEST for discovering new jewelry brands! I ran across Ca & Lou and have been coveting their jewelry pieces ever since.

Shop the necklace:

Instagram: Always Judging

No one makes this Courreges bag look more fashionable this Courtney Trop

Shop this bag:

Instagram: NYCBambi

I love the combination of a chunkier chain link necklace with a simple sweater. I talk all about how chain-link jewelry will be the It trend this Fall. Here is a much cheaper version of Christie’s necklace from Mango.

Shop the necklace:

Instagram: Anna Rosa Vitiello

Shop the bag:

What do you think?

Are you loving these accessories for Fall? These are totally on my wish list for now (except for the Mango necklace), so maybe one day. Have you created your wish list for the season? If not, I have the perfect template for you to use. Grab yours by clicking right below!


Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

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