7 Jewelry Display Ideas for Small Spaces

Those of you who live in small apartments or sharing a space with (what seems like dozens) of roommates will really want to take some notes to my spectacular jewelry storage guide. Small spaces can be a money saver, but it’s hell when trying to find places to store your belongings. Unless you are an incredible DIY-er, your best bet is to find jewelry display ideas that are already lying around your home.

8 free jewelry display ideas

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Small spaces make big problems

Not too long ago, I was living with my mom in the same room I grew up in and finding it hard to store my precious babies (my jewelry). I didn’t have those really pretty storage stands with the glass top and pull out drawers you see in expensive walk in closets. It got to the point where I started giving away my jewelry to make some space! I am all for donating to help those who are less fortunate, but sometimes its hard to part with your beloved jewels.

If you’re anything like me, you have horded your fair share of jewelry to where your beautiful armories is busting at the seams. I have been trying to come up with new ways of better organizing my jewelry where I am not drilling holes in my walls, or creating less space by buying more jewelry armories. The secret is turning your jewelry (and other accessories) into functional décor for compact spaces.

7 Creative Jewelry Display Ideas

Getting creative with your jewelry storage will be easy with me around! I have come up with a list of 7 creative jewelry display ideas without drilling holes in your walls. My very simple guide can help you hang your jewels in stylish, attractive and creative ways. And, you can use these ideas outside of jewelry – use these steps to hang your scarves, handbags, sunglasses, hats, etc. I challenge you to find these items around your home and have fun displaying your accessories in non-clutter ways. Trust me, the result will totally be worth the hunt with minimal hard work!

Necklace Storage

Peg Board or Cork Board Jewelry Display

What’s amazing about these board ideas is they are inexpensive to purchase and do not require assembly. You can easily angle this board on your dresser or on the floor (depending on it’s size). Peg boards are a bit harder to come by if you are not a frequent visitor to house maintenance stores. I really recommend cork boards because of its versatility in size, color and ease of display. Cork boards are great for my DIY’ers out there! Securing this board to a vintage frame and adding some nice ribbon for your necklaces (or earrings) to hang from will make the board look a bit less utilitarian.

Decorative Ladders

I have been seeing these indoor storage ladders more often nowadays. I think this piece is a wonderful addition to any space, no matter the home décor “look” you are going for. These ladders are a wonderful place to store your necklaces (and bracelets). They differ in cost depending on the size you are looking for. For example, this Anthropologie minimalist ladder costs $88 and is about 55″ high. Make sure to measure the height of your walls before making your purchase.

I have also seen much smaller ladders that are much more cost effective.

Earring and Ring Jewelry Display Ideas

Earrings are the easiest jewelry item to find storage – you just have to think outside the box. Earrings are small enough to hang off of anything from lamp shades to cheese graters to paper price tags. Below I picked the most creative ways to display earrings and rings that are home décor and small space friendly!

Re-purpose Egg Holders

I actually have this ceramic egg holder in red I found on sale at Target. Not many would see the usefulness of this handy little trinket holder, but look closer and you can find it holds rings and earrings like a boss. For my DIY’ers, save your foam or cardboard egg holders! To make this jewelry holder from an egg carton, simply cut the top, and paint the bottom portion where the eggs are held.

 Vintage Frames

Another “do-it-yourself” earring craft is hanging your earrings from a vintage picture frame! Much the same as the cork board idea for necklaces, simply find lace or ribbon to secure behind a hollowed large vintage frame, and voila – a pretty space saving display to store your earrings.

Bracelet Jewelry Display Ideas

Repurpose old vases

Bracelets, in all their glory, are another jewelry item with infinite ways to store. Take old vases sitting around your home and stacking your bracelets on them. You can create a pretty display if you find several vases of various sizes and stack multiple colorful bracelets.

I found that apothecary jars are the most versatile and offer a clean, organized look. The beauty with apothecary jars is you can store any type of jewelry within them. Finding a jar with a wide opening allows for your hand to reach in and grab whatever you need. Plus, these wider openings are designed so cuff bangles, statement necklaces and even brooches can fit. Displaying them on your night stand or chest of drawers can make piles of jewelry look effortlessly displayed. I listed a few jar ideas for you!

Tiny Cake Stands

Cake stands were something I accidentally stumbled upon. The idea is so decorative that you can easily display this storage tip throughout your home. Stacking these stands is also a space saver for smaller table tops. If you have cake stands of varying diameters, you can multipurpose those by stacking them largest to smallest for jewelry display.

What do you think of these jewelry display ideas?

Any others you have used that have worked WONDERS in your small space?

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