7 Valentine’s Gift Ideas to Wow Her

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Doesn’t it feel like we just ended with the gifting holiday season? Well, Christmas was not even 1 month ago and already shoppers are being asked to clean their wallets our for one more gifting go. That’s right ladies and reluctant gentleman is Valentine’s season! The one day a year that is either overtly loved, or murderously hated. Where do you land?

I’m not a huge girly girl, but I am in love with love, and being a hopeless romantic makes me smile a little when I see those “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” commercials. So, if you are in a relationship, married, or seriously considering entering either stage with that seriously special someone, you will need a gift to end all gifts for Valentine’s. These gifts are for that significant stage you are in with your special girl, wife, or partner, and they are all affordable valentine’s gift ideas.

7 Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I know heart shaped jewelry is all the rage when it comes to gifting for Valentine’s, and why not? These jewelry pieces are in abundance, and girls love the symbolism of wearing a heart necklace and earring set. While these don’t particularly meet my fancy, there are millions of women out there who LOVE this jewelry. So, I have included heart shaped jewelry gifts, along with diamond bracelets and gemstone jewelry as gift ideas for your sweetheart.

1. Garnet Heart Shaped Drop Earrings

2. Tennis Bracelet

3. Rose Gold Heart Shaped Ear Studs

4. I Love You Heart Shaped Pendent Necklace

5. Rose Plated Heart Shaped Ring

6. Peridot Heart Shaped Bracelet

7. Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Ring

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Ashli Cargill

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