The No-Nonsense Guide to Layered Necklaces

layering necklaces

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 How to Create a Layered Necklace with Individual Pieces

I have talked before on how layering necklaces can be incredibly easy with the all-in-one necklace hack. Well, I wanted to extend a different challenge and look at individual pieces that can totally be used for layering. Summer is here folks and that means the excuse of “my sweater is too thick to layer on necklaces” won’t fly around here! Layering necklaces can be unbelievably easy, and with my help (and a little bit of morning coffee to get your mind straight) you will quickly become the envy of those poolside girls who are wearing the all-in-one necklace that was so last season.

Layered jewelry has been on everyone’s radar for the longest and I wanted to scope out a few simple, but statement-making, pieces to perfect for everyday wear. But, understanding how to layer your necklaces is key.

Best Advice for Layering Necklaces

My advice is to start small. Think about building your layered look by starting with a choker or delicate stone necklace, and then increase the length and size of pendants as you layer. Just make sure all of the layers are delicate that they don’t overpower one another. And that’s really it…see, easy peezy!

If you’re in search of necklaces that will easily go from day to night, see below for 8 delicate necklaces that are perfect for layering:

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