9 Spring to Summer Blue Skirt Shopping List

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With this Texas heat getting into the 100’s VERY quickly, the thought of wearing jeans, jeggings, stockings – well anything that covers my legs, is totally out of the question. You don’t know unforgivable heat and frustration until you’re walking to your mailbox in Texas and come back inside drenched in sweat. So, a little fun fact about me – my favorite color is BLUE! Any shade of blue, any inclusion of blue in any style you’ve got! I’m not too sure why really, I suppose this color palate looks best on me…and blue is my mom’s favorite color too. Hmm, apple – tree.

Anyway, with Summer just around the corner and my Spring light denim wash jeans officially collecting dust in my closet, I figured this is the best time for you and me to go shopping! I love wearing skirts (thanks to my ladder-like legs) and I am not afraid to show them off. I was spending hours online shopping for retailers that successfully marry two of my favorite things in this world – skirts, and the color blue.

I think the best and most complete closets contains clothing that can easily transition from season to season. Since, IMO, Spring and Summer trends look a lot alike, I thought it would be awesome to make a fun shopping wish list of skirts that can easily and effortlessly make that seasonal transition.

Sharing some of my favorite combinations with you…

1. Tie Waist Handkerchief Skirt

2. Midi Skirt

3. Chambray Mini Skirt

4. Asymmetric Pleated Skirt

5. Rails Wesley Skirt

6. Tie Wrap Mini Skirt

7. Victorian Waist Skirt

8. Pleated Velvet Skirt

9. Denim Mini Skirt

Which of these are your favorite? Personally, mine is #5!

Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

FUN FACT: I am a donut lover with a slight shopping addiction.

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