Anthropologie Plus Sizes: WTF Took So Long?

It’s official, it’s just in time for spring, and it’s live! Anthropologie just launched it’s first ever plus size clothing line, and it’s as spectacular as you thought it would be! Named APlus by Anthropologie, the collection features expanded size ranges from 16W to 26W and is available online and select stores. In the past year, several well-known and beloved brands have extended to plus sizes, including J.Crew, Loft and Madewell. Anthropologie is yet another retailer listening to it’s potential plus size customers. Right now this line features a handful of pieces (120 styles), but I can tell this is the start of something special! These feminine bohemian looks are curated for every occasion that parallel the brand’s already iconic design. The Anthropologie plus sizes clothing line is nothing short of perfection, as you might expect.

Anthropologie launched it first plus sizes clothing line online | Sleeping with Jewelry

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Why I Started Shopping at Anthropologie over 7 years ago

If you want a whimsical piece of clothing, or you just like to be extra all the time, Anthropologie is the best place to go. You might be new here, so you should know that I have been a caring, loving, attentive, loyal lover of Anthropologie since 2012. Seven years of my life have been spent rummaging through Anthro’s sale racks (yes, I’m not afraid to shop discount). I have always been enthralled by Anthropologie’s imagination and Alice in Wonderland touches of good taste.

I started shopping at Anthropologie completely on a whim. Back when I used to work for a third party online retailer, I had days that defined the phrase “stressed-the-F-out”. I honestly spent lunch crying in a bathroom stall because I truly hated where I worked. When I got home after a hellishly long day, I needed an outlet. Some sort of way to decompress and get a sense of self back. I would visit the mall down the street and happened to venture into Anthropologie for the first time. Think of myself as a cautionary tale to take retail-therapy with a grain of salt. I ended up spending thousands of dollars at the end of each month trying to make myself happy after work. I soon had no money to pay my bills, but damnit I had a BANGING closet!

As the years past, my body grew to its more “womanly” shape. I have noticed my sizing went from a very comfortable medium, to a barely-fits XL at Anthro. So, in order to keep my well-tended love affair with the retailer, I started shopping accessories only. I had less success locating my size in styles that matched my wanderlust aesthetic.

Anthropologie Plus Sizes Launched!

When news first broke that Anthropologie was introducing its plus size line, aptly named “A+nthropologie”, I was floored! Anthropologie plus sizes were unheard of a year ago. Known for its charming designs with a feminine flair, Anthropologie is the latest brand to extend its size offering. Shoppers can begin adding swoon-worthy dresses, skirts, and trousers to their carts. The collection features pieces from labels you’ve seen on its racks before like Anthro, Cloth and Stone, Maeve and Pilcro and the Letterpress. Now customers who previously weren’t able to don the designs can happily scoop them up for Spring!

What is included in Anthropologie’s plus size collection?

Anthropologie has always carried such a wide array of pieces for all different styles. Their straight size line does go to a size 14 in stores and 16 online, which I’ve always been able to squeeze into. However, I’ve always hoped they would bring in plus-sizes. Their denim only goes to a size 32, and many of their extra-large items do not fit like an extra-large. Anthro’s plus size line is available in a full-range of dresses, skirts, blouses, basics, and more. The range caries items that have already been released into the straight-size spring collection, as well as tons of new items.

Plus-sizes have come a long way in the last few years, and I hope this collection inspires other brands to add plus-sizes to their range. I couldn’t contain my excitement (sorry bank account!) and rounded up my absolute favorites from the collection.

Shop the Anthropologie plus sizes collection

Keep scrolling to see the stunning collection and shop the 16 prettiest pieces from the inaugural spring collection! Just a note, I have always preached budget friendly shopping on my blog. This post goes WAY beyond what I would usually be willing to spend. So, if you see these prices are not what you like seeing on your store receipts, I just wanted to let you in on a public secret. Anthropologie now participates in AfterPay!

Afterpay is the online payment method that allows you to pay for your online purchases after receiving them. This method is always zero interest, and there are never additional fees when you pay on time. The only fees are for late payments. So, you can buy what you want online today, and pay it back in simple (emailed) installment payments. After thanking the Anthropologie gods for this, I can now justify making these steeper purchases with Anthropologies plus sizes.

What do you think?

Anthropologie is a bit late to the plus size inclusive game in comparison to it’s fellow retailers. But, do you think it was worth the wait? Let me know everything you love, hate, and are indifferent to in the comments!

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