Ashley Graham talks Jewelry and her Body Positive Movement

 Source:   People

Source: People

“There’s no size when it comes to jewelry”

She’s one of the few supermodels I actually respect – her confidence is on point, her shoes are on point, her attitude is on point, her Instagram in on POINT! I have been a fan of Ashley Graham for a few years because she made it ok for me to feel beautiful by saying “F— the haters!” I don’t normally gush over models or celebrities, but Ashley deserved some serious points when she opened up to People magazine on how her jewelry inspired confidence and declarations of love. Coming from a time when plus size models were not taken seriously and couldn’t book a gig worth her talent, Ashley powered through the naysayers for over 18 years.

Personally, I have been know to teeter between size 10 and size 16 for years and hated myself because my clothes never fit for more than a season. I simply refused to call myself plus size because I didn’t want to believe I was. I squeezed my frame into size 12 jeans and powered through the day. For me, I was so ashamed that I let myself go and I felt so ugly. There were times I avoided my bathroom mirror. I cast down my eyes while passing reflective doorways. I stopped liking myself. I stopped liking my body. This is why I latched on to Ashley Graham the with such verocisty. She was a voice for me. She had a grace that I wished I had. She spoke up when people said she wasn’t ideal, and yet she was so ideal. 

…because there’s no size when it comes to jewelry; that’s why I have a correlation between confidence and jewelry.

— Ashley Graham, People style

I agree with Ashley when she stated “big girls around the world have always been told is: There is not enough fashion for you,” This was the time I realized, my clothes will never fit, but my jewelry always will! Ashley gets to wear zillions of dollars of jewelry (on loan) during red carpets and her collection has massed an incredible collection she as accumulated over the years. It’s very easy to start accumulating what you believe in your heart will bring you joy. My jewelry doesn’t care about my waist size or my bra size. My jewelry doesn’t care if I went to the gym or had a salad for lunch instead of burgers and fries (once again that week). My jewelry doesn’t have to do double work of flattering my frame while hiding my folds. My jewelry just compliments, it loves me that way. My jewelry is kind to my face and my skin tone. My jewelry drapes across my body and doesn’t sink in places I don’t want it to. My jewelry is the first to get noticed because it holds a quiet beauty. My jewelry is my confidence.

The body-image activist is all about breaking barriers. She explained that her most cherished piece of jewelry is her wedding ring from husband of 7 years Justin Ervin. Also, she opened up about how pieces of her jewelry also come from places of pain. A gold necklace she bought at Barneys says “I love you”, purchased after a really bad break-up. “It was a reminder to myself that men come and go…but you have to remember to love who you are.”

It took me a while to convince others that jewelry is what makes the outfit. Turns out, I was only halfway right. Jewelry is what makes confidence. Ashley Graham knows that while your clothes may never fit, your jewelry always does. 

as a curvy girl, jewelry helps her feel confident.

— People style

What do you think?

What has your jewelry done for you? What has it made you realize about yourself? What has it done to really make you appreciate yourself? To love yourself? I want to know! Sound off the comments below.

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