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The date is set! You have FINALLY gotten a response to the resumes you sent out and someone has actually emailed you for a job interview! Your appearance will be your first impression, and while your clothes are seen first, your jewelry is seen second. It’s important to know how best to accessorize your job interview outfit with the right jewelry. It does depend on the type of job you are going for that will determine how your jewelry should take over.

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Round One: The Phone Interview

You can do this at the luxury of your home in your pjs by putting on your corporate “I got this!” voice. You remembered all of those big projects you led, you made the interviewer laugh, you were candid about your successes and failures. They want an in-person interview – SCORE!

Round Two: The In-Person Interview

Here is where things can get a bit scary. You walk in to your closet and you find the perfect blazer, the perfect slacks, the perfect button up, and the perfect heels. But something, oh that special something, is missing – the perfect jewelry.

I have always said that jewelry makes the outfit, and when interviewing for a job, this is even more true. Who is agreeing to see you and the place in which your new paycheck may come are crucial components in deciding what jewelry to match the occasion. So, how do you choose the right jewelry to match the interview?

what is the industry is your job interview?

The way I see it, there are 3 industries that we all work in: Corporate, Fashion, and Creative.

For the Corporate Job

Dark suites and white button downs are what face you from across the interview table. Your outfit already matches theirs – SCORE! But, your jewelry needs to finish the rest. You will want to maintain that business-focused look. Keep it simple by keeping the focus on you, not what you are wearing. Know that, for the interview at a corporate gig, its about quality, not quantity.

Layered necklace, while on trend, are a no-no. Opt for a string of pearls or a small pendant. That office does not want to hear you jingling down the hallway, so choose either a single bangle or a classic watch, not both. Wear simple rings, nothing flashy that lights up and makes noises. Wearing your engagement ring or wedding band is totally appropriate. Keep the number of rings to a minimum. This is not the time for stackable or midi rings or wearing rings on each finger.

For the Fashion Job

For fashion girls, your interview is where you can put some of those trends to good use! Be your cool, calm, collected and chic self and step into that office with an outfit that identifies with your individuality and personality. Unlike the corporate office interview, you have more room to stretch your colorful wings. Your fashion interviewer wants to see your flare and style, so embrace today’s jewelry trends for a modern, glamorous feel.

When it comes to interviews, I always like to encompass a bit of flare that shakes off the dark and grey suites. Use COLOR in your jewelry like gemstones or gold/rose gold metals. Don’t go crazy with the ornate and overly glossy, but substitute buttoned together with hints of quirky flare. Use shapes in your jewelry and mind the details – Kate Spade has some incredible charm bracelets, bangles or cuffs. Add in stacked rings of different shapes, drop earrings (not chandelier) that grab attention. Grab that not-too-statement necklace that is eye catching but not attention grabbing.

Designers that will never fail you are Kendra Scott, Henri Bendel, Tori Burch and Rachel Zoe

Retailers that will become your new best friend are Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Baublebar, Olive + Piper and Sincerely, Paige!

For the Creative Job (photographer, arts, journalism, design, etc.) 

This is the type of office where the fashion is glamorous and your interview jewelry should reflect this as well. Showing off your unique edge by displaying jewelry that is daring and bold will make that interviewer really remember you – and for all the right reasons.

Let’s be honest, that design agency or creative studio wants to see what makes you absolutely unique, intrinsic, and modern. Why play it safe the way you would with corporate gig? Why go sort of trendy like with a fashion job? You are entering a field where standing out is appreciated, not frowned upon.

Accessorize to impress, but again, don’t go overboard with the statements and flamboyant with the colors. You want to wow with your personality, knowledge and background. Your jewelry should be there to support and say the things about you that aren’t on the job description. They are not there to steal the show with you hiding underneath. As long as you keep these rules in mind, you will nail that interview with no problems!

Comment below with questions about job interview jewels where you are unsure.

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