4 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

This year, I went on the hunt for tips on how to travel with your jewelry without it getting tangled in a big knot. When packing your jewelry, it’s important to pack it them the right way so they don’t get tangled or damaged.

traveling with jewelry

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Protect Your Jewelry when Traveling

Who doesn’t love a great getaway with the girls? Personally, the packing is just as important as the trip itself. I take my packing very, very seriously in that I make sure each ensemble has a designated day and designated jewelry buddy. Packing my clothes isn’t a big deal, what really has most of my attention is my jewelry. I used to be one of those ladies who finds a plastic bag and throws everything in there from statement necklaces to post earrings. Well, you can imagine the terrible time I spent in the hotel room trying to detangle those delicate necklaces from the multi-spike bracelet I just HAD to bring with me.

After a while I said enough is enough and bought a nice little pouch from Anthropologie to stuff my items in. Soon I realized prettier package, same damn problem.

So, I told myself there had to be a better way to do this – I’m a smart girl, I can think of a more efficient way to pack my jewelry.

Surprisingly, there are a bunch of DIY tricks and at home (in the kitchen) tools you can use to rid yourself of this atrocity. No need to research a thing, I did the work all for you. Use me as a cautionary tale if you must, but check out my findings below!

Travel Cases for Jewelry

When traveling, always carry your jewelry with you in your carry on. Not only is it a great place to grab what you need just before the plane lands, but its also good to keep your jewels close to you on the plane. I have much more piece of mind if my valuables (and cheap valuables) are by my side and not being flung around when my checked bag is tossed on the loading dock. You also don’t want to run the risk of your checked bag weighing more because of your jewelry – that additional $25 is no joke. If you do decide to place your jewelry in your checked bag, make sure to cushion them between your clothes and never place them atop or on the bottom of your checked bag.

The Jewelry Pouch

Places like Madewell, Baublebar, Oliver + Piper and Anthropologie offer you their jewelry pouches whenever you make a purchase. These pouches come in a cloth drawstring bag that can be reused and is very easy to transport. These are always good to use because they keep your jewelry safe from sunlight, scratches and limits moisture. These pouches make traveling with necklaces and jewelry very easy, and they fit into your carry-on nicely. We also recommend bracelet rolls, which are a great way to organized your bracelets and keep them stacked nicely.

Travel Jewelry Rolls

Jewelry rolls are the ultimate travel solution. With various straps and pockets for each piece of jewelry, your bracelets, necklaces and earrings will be kept safe with no worry of breakage. Just roll it up and place in your suitcase.

Jewelry Travel Cases

Ziploc Bag

Ziploc bags may be great for packing toiletries and vitamins, but they’re also perfect for packing jewelry for travel. Keep your jewelry safe from moisture, scratches and damages by putting them in a Ziploc bag for extra protection. Plus, in case of leakage with your toiletries, your Ziploc bag will keep your jewels dry.

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