Leather Mules Fitted with a Bow

Journey through life in pink leather mules

There isn’t a moment I love more than opening the stiff cardboard of a freshly delivered package with my name on it! As of just 10 minutes ago, my Nordstrom special delivery came holding a brand new pair of blush leather closed toe BP. leather mules.

BP. leather mules for women

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Coming late to the game during Summer, I decided to jump on the flat leather mules bandwagon when I saw these shoes EVERYWHERE on Instagram! And, on the pedicured feet of EVERY blogger wearing them like a boss. I have always wanted to purchase myself a pair of really cute cognac, black, or nude pair of slides – I guess because social media told me it was cool. The sad thing about the way my body is built is whenever I put on a pair of mules, or open toe slides, or even Birkenstocks my feet end up looking like boats. OMG, I stepped into more mules than I can count, praying to the mule Gods that one of these looks would work out. They never did.

A part of me thought the ill fill was a quality issue, so I tried on expensive pairs that were laughably outside by budget. No matter the cost, or retailer, these shoes just did not look right on me. No point in trying to make myself love a fashion trend that will not love me back.

These flat mule slides work for everyone

close up of leather mules with bow

flat closed toe leather mulesBag, Accessory Concierge, Similar | Blush Mules, BP. | Jeggings, Walmart, Similar

All I needed was time. During the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I saw a cute pair of bow mules randomly on sale. They were by BP., a Nordstrom brand I have come to really like because their items are trendy and really affordable. I checked these shoes out online using my preferred method of online shopping – reading customer reviews.

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*Side note: I really don’t shop online any other way than reading what others say about a product. For me, if there are no reviews, I don’t want to take the plunge. Online reviews are the most honest way of shopping (both online and offline) and I really trust what others say about any product. I read the high star ratings, but I also like to take into account the 1 and 2 stars because they may have hinted at a design flaw I may need to consider.

Why you should pick up these leather mules for yourself

These adorable mule slides with a top bow were on sale for under $30 and came in 7 colors. I was going to play it safe and purchase the black, but it wasn’t available in my size – curses! Well, the blush WAS available in my size! I reached back into my craving for whimsy and decided to buy the blush slides! They were under $30, so no real harm done…and if they don’t fit I could always return them.

blush leather mules for womenBag, Accessory Concierge, Similar | Blush Mules, BP. | Jeggings, Walmart, Similar

7 grueling days later, my new mules were waiting for me at my front door.

  • Opened the box – the right color and size (whew).
  • Removed the stuffing – no rips, tares, and the structure of the shoe held up.
  • Placed them on the floor – oh man here comes the real test…
  • Slid them on and OMG they fit like a dream!

Comfortable, sturdy, not tough or difficult to walk in, and my feet don’t slide out of them as I walked around our apartment! All 10’s for the win!!

blush leather mules outdoors

pink leather mules with loft top

leather mules with straw tote bagBag, Accessory Concierge, Similar | Blush Mules, BP. | Jeggings, Walmart, Similar

these mules are not just for summer

The beauty of these leather mules is they are my first choice for Fall transition. The blush color still works for entering in September and October (depending on your location). They are subtle enough to wear with a sweater dress, and the bow accent can make any outfit stand out of the crowd.

Would I recommend? YES! What do you think?

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