How to Wear Chain Link Jewelry this Fall

With Fall just around the corner, it’s time for bloggers around the world to start displaying fashion trends for the new season. Each new season calls us to update areas of our closets and jewelry collections. I think this Fall will bring an unexpected fresh graze of jewelry styles and trends! What’s on deck? Chain link jewelry and handbags for all occasions and budgets.

chain link jewelry trends for fall 2018

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chain link jewelry is back three decades later

Chain link jewelry should not conjure tragic images of the 80’s where yellow-gold chunky necklaces reigned supreme. This new jewelry trend for Fall includes edgy cuts and timeless styles. I love the direction of this trend because it still evokes statement pieces that marry minimal classics. Many designers have included this new look into their collections such as Chloe, Alexander Wang, and (my favorite) Baublebar. Chained jewelry easily contradicts itself by being both bold and elegant, also simple and intricate. This is why I adore this trend because of the juxtaposition of what it is and what it does.

chain link jewelry with tunic


chained jewelry and necklace

chain link jewelry trends are for everyone

These buzz worthy chain links come in more forms than just necklaces. I am talking earrings, bracelets, rings, and handbags – to name a few. Jewelry junkies like myself noticed the types of links that vary from calming yellow cable chains to your usual anchor jewelry. The best thing about this trend is there is a look and a piece for everyone! Classic ladies can wear linked hoop earrings or a single link ring. Fashion callers will appreciate more flair like coin pendants hanging from a chunky chain link necklace. Investment pieces are seen with diamonds and gemstones, so extraordinary. Budget shoppers, like myself, can find this look at retailers like Baublebar, Forever 21, and even Target.

Wear chain link jewelry with any outfit

The chained style works as its own stand out piece. There is no need to layer on several different pieces of jewelry to complete a look. There are several pre-layered pieces that match effortlessly with your everyday style. The chain link jewelry trend adds its own dimensions to any outfit without feeling over the top. These pieces are exactly like the timeless art of the round straw tote bag, which I talk more about here. The classic and fashionable looks of these pieces makes the trend a worthy and worthwhile investment.

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chain link necklace baublebar

gold chain link necklace with tunic

chain link necklace close up

chain link jewelry from baublebar

I grabbed my single layered chain link necklace from Baublebar (Similar) for under $30. What I love about this piece is its lightweight feel and savvy versatility. Wearing this necklace around the house with a simple tunic is my favorite because it stands on its own. I prefer to dress down when my jewelry makes its own attention. No point in forcing my clothes to compete with my jewelry – that’s when the outfit becomes over the top.

chained jewelry pieces to shop

I wanted to share the scoop of this Fall’s new chain link jewelry trend and spotlight other chained pieces. Since I love to shop, I look for affordable pieces that match my modest budget and easy style.

Shop chain link jewelry

chained handbags to shop

Much link the Chanel quilted handbag or the YSL crossbody, it is my belief that chain handbags never went out of style. Iconic brands have become status symbols and produced the most coveted accessories known to woman-kind. Its probable that I will never own a Chanel or YSL handbag, that’s just a pipe dream. Luckily, other retailers have handed down fun and chic accent chain link bags at more affordable prices to shop!

shop chain link bags

Tell me what you think!

So, what do you say? Is chain link jewelry in your future?

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