The Stylist’s Guide to Abstract Face Earrings

I was first exposed to abstract design earrings when I discovered the deconstructed nude collaboration collection by Knobbly Studio. Ever since I found this designer I got right to work writing a blog post on this extraordinary fashion jewelry trend. This abstract look opened my eyes about boundary pushing jewelry. Not too long after discovering Knobbly Studio, I received an email from one of my go-to jewelry retailers Moorea Seal. The retailer had just launched their Abstract Face Earrings for just under $25 in gold and silver!

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how i discovered Abstract Face Earrings

Abstract face earrings are quite interesting and charming – but could I really commit to buying them? I already have several pairs of statement go-to earrings ranging from post to shoulder grazing. But, could a pair of face earrings be exactly the thing that my jewelry collection was missing? I love the extreme in fashion and jewelry. I had to make sure I wasn’t about to purchase something the world wasn’t ready for – extra faces on each side of mine.

My first step was to do some digging to see if this face earring look was just a fad or a straight-up, legit trend. I noticed other retailers like ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Net-A-Porter carrying their own versions, all ranging from pennies to triple digit dollars. Needless to say, these face earrings weren’t some random artisan moment, they were a full blown, industry wide phenomenon!

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Why I took the leap to buying Abstract Face earrings

I decided to take my dilemma to the public and let my Instagram loves tell me yes or no. After a day of “OMG yes!” flooding my DM, I decided to take the plunge and spend the $22 at Moorea Seal for those abstract face earrings in gold. I decided I wanted to live in a world were 3 faces to 1 head is a true thing, and I am not hating the look.

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Ok, I get it, decorating your head with a couple of extra faces seems bizarre – yeah! But Hamsa jewelry (the eye in palm shaped amulet) has taken over necklaces and earrings in Etsy shops and Baublebar. Hamsa has been an iconic symbol for centuries, so I thought it completely fair for faces to get a moment in the spotlight.

This abstract face earrings trend can be approached in so many ways! If you are not cool with wearing a full face, there are earrings that look like tangled wire and uniquely resembles a face.

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Whether or not you’re liking this look, there is no denying this earrings trend is here and in your face. These earrings are millennial, they are interesting, they are fashionable, and they are a diverse addition to your jewelry collection.

Scroll through some fashion pairs and make the decision if you will allow this bold trend to join your ears.


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