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I have witnessed a trend that took me a while to understand and accept. It became popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Then I saw street style blogger legends sporting it at this year’s NY Fashion Week. It started with shoes, then umbrellas, then raincoats, now bags. Yes, I’m talking about the new PVC trend for Fall, the clear handbag. With the clear accessory gaining momentum over the year, are we going too far with clear handbags? Is the PVC handbag the new “It” item for Fall?

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 Take it or leave it trend – Clear Handbags

Now, call me crazy, but I grew up learning handbags are meant to conceal your belongings. No matter how stylish or expensive, you were supposed to hide what is most important that you travel with. Handbags have taken the longest journey of evolution and growth and now even men are wearing them. What I have not come across in my 30 plus years on this earth was clear handbags. Where and why did this trend come?

I was on board with clear raincoats. Heck, I even purchased a clear umbrella after seeing Blair Waldorf sporting one on Gossip Girl. But I wasn’t sure if carrying a completely transparent handbag was asking to get mugged.

PVC accessories have been spotted all over the runways this year and all started this Summer. These clear handbags are particularly trendy and designers like Celine, Burberry, and Prada have jumped on the see-through bandwagon. Nowadays clear handbags have made their way into most closets. This got me thinking, will this Summer inspired trend be just as strong for Fall? Seeing the latest carryall options in their most “practical” colors and structured designs, these might be here for a while.

If Rihanna wore it, then…

Not only are these trends popping up on the streets of NY, LA, and everywhere else, they’re also seen on our most popular celebrity influencers. Rihanna was seen wearing her Delvaux Plexi Le Brilliant X-Ray bag valued for $1,400. This singer turned fashion icon is known for her risk taking so she really looks amazing wearing this bag. I think she can pull off almost anything, and her bag is no exception.

Since these clear handbags have gained momentum, I wanted to determine if this trend is a must-have. The great thing about this trend is that there are versions that are MUCH less expensive than Rihanna’s. I found a couple of designers who put their own spin and price tags on this look.

Are Clear Handbags a Must Have?

4 clear handbags to review that are all around $200.

Staud Handbag

straud clear handbags

Staud “Shirly” Bag (around $210) is one of my favorites and was most popular all Summer long. This bag is perfect because it comes as a 2-for-1 and comes with a great leather insert! So you can carry the insert by itself, or you can carry the clear handbag by itself. Or, you can combine both if you don’t want to show off every single item that you have. The Staud bag comes in a million different colors – handles and clutch match. I think this would be an incredible statement handbag you can really carry for Fall.

Frances Valentine

frances valentine clear handbags

$210 can still be a bit pricey for some and you may not want to have an investment trend piece. I get it! That’s why Frances Valentine’s Henry” tote bag came to the rescue. This bag looks more substantial than most clear handbags because of it’s structure and inner pocket with leather handles. My favorite thing about this clear handbag is that it’s blue. For Fall, I am seeing a ton of these clear handbags that are not completely clear. Unlike the totally translucent handbags for Summer, designers are adding Fall colors. That makes me think this trend is going to stick around.

The Frances Valentine clear handbag can be found on Shopbop for $175. What makes this bag so iconic is Kate Spade designed the Frances Valentine line before she passed earlier this year. So, if you want a piece of the Kate Spade collection, you will find that with this bag.

Hat Attack

hat attack clear handbags

If $175 is still a bit out there and you are still wavering, I kind of agree with you. The Hat Attack “Stadium” bag retails for $100 at Shopbob and is your full blown clear handbag. You can have a conversation while holding this bag up to your face. There is nothing blocking anyone’s vision. Benefit: you will never lose your phone! It comes with a detachable long strap so you can wear it as a satchel. If you are not liking everyone seeing into your bag, this may not be for you.

Pixie Market

pixie market clear handbags


Lastly, and least expensive, is the Pixie Market clear handbag for $59. What I love about this handbag is its retro wooden handle and pouch removable insert. Again, it’s a 2-for-1 bag that still look really chic. Plus, I love the silhouette and its smaller body.

What do you think?

I know these handbags can get really pricey so I wanted to find one for every budget. A side note is you don’t want to get too cheap with this bag. If you go way less expensive it will start to look like a cheap clearance bin bag. So I would not go less than $40 if you want this trend.

I don’t know guys, I’m not sure if I would carry this. I’m really on the fence. I want to know if you guys would carry this clear handbag. Would you add this trend to cart ASAP? Comment below because I really want to hear your thoughts!


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