How to Create the Best Clean Skincare Routine

I have to give it to my skin, it can really take a punch. The amount of trial and error products I have brushed and wiped from my skin would amaze you. And now, I come to find that many of the products I used on my face are some of the most hazardous on the shelf! After speaking with a friend, I was educated on the abundance of chemicals injected into many of the products we put in our bodies. These products include food, skincare, makeup, hair care, and medicine. What really amazed me was the FDA does not deeply regulate many of these chemicals. That means many dangerous ingredients are being distributed and sold to consumers nationwide. This tidbit of knowledge was enough to get me to change my lifestyle; specifically my skincare routine. After being introduced to Beautycounter, I have included myself on the clean skincare bandwagon.

Clean skincare for oily skin this summer

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this blog post. You can find my disclosure here. This is NOT a sponsored post by Beautycounter and I am NOT receiving products or offering a promotion for my opinion. I am speaking on a brand I LOVE and want to share with my readers.

Why I Chose Clean Skincare

Now that I am in my 30’s, and looking to improve my overall health, I have been trying to convert more of my skincare routine to using organic, natural products. My main issue is the type of skin I possess. Back in the day, I ventured into a 5 step skincare routine for my oily skin. I believed I had found the hidden formula for my shiny, acne prone skin that I had been using for over a year. Well, turns out, some of the ingredients used in those products were less than good for my skin.

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I switched to healthy, non-toxic skincare because of fear. What I was most appalled by was our government’s dismissiveness on passing laws to better regulate the beauty industry. The industry is virtually unregulated and we are dangerously behind other countries when it comes to cosmetic safety. That is not to say that there is NO regulation, there is some. But, very few on ingredient safety in beauty.

Since “safer” has no real definition in the cosmetics and skincare industry, we have to define it for ourselves. To me, safer skincare means choosing products with little to no risk to health. These days, my skin has become more of a priority, and it is important to pay attention to the quality of products I use.

What is Beautycounter’s Clean Skincare Mission?

Beautycounter is a cosmetics and skincare company whose mission is to get safer, cleaner products into the hands of everyone. They distribute safer, high-performing products and educate about how to avoid harmful ingredients. The brand just wants better laws that protect public health from harmful ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry.

As part of their Ingredient Selection Process, Beautycounter created The Never List. The Never List is robust selection of materials they never use as ingredients in their products. This list helps you recognize, understand, and avoid their list of harmful ingredients. When creating their products, they work hard to prohibit the use of over 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals and ingredients. This includes the over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union, plus additional chemicals screened by Beautycounter and found to be of concern.

How Beautycounter Helped Ease My Skincare Concerns

Though Beautycounter is a multi-channel, mission driven company, I discovered them while speaking to a friend on Instagram. She asked if I was making sure I was not exposing my skin to harsh and harmful chemicals on a daily basis. I answered that I more than likely was. After much thought, I decided to give the brand a try after taking their Skincare Quiz.

I was hooked on the brand after using some of the samples she mailed to me. What I appreciated about the brand is it caters directly to my skincare concerns – oily, acne prone skin as a woman of color.

As if that wasn’t enough to make the switch to clean skincare, an added bonus is that you can feel good about making a contribution to the health of our planet!

I have noticed several pregnant women making the switch to natural, clean skincare as well. At first I was unwise as to the reason. But, after discovering the chemicals found in our everyday products, I can see why a mom-to-be would be concerned. When I decide to start a family, I can be confident knowing these products I use on my skin will not harm my unborn baby.

Clean Skincare Products that actually work

Admittedly, I second guessed the potency of using organic skincare. I figured if all natural skincare removed all the chemicals and based itself on plants, is it really working? Skincare has gone through it’s fair share of trends for the masses – charcoal, chemical peel, plant based, sugar exfoliates, etc. I thought this Beautycounter trend was just another phase the general public will covet, then toss aside for the next popular thing.

Beautycounter body lotion

Figuring my skin concerns are more targeted to an audience that is the minority, I had my misgivings. The truth is, once you find a skincare brand that delivers the results you’re looking for, stop looking! Here are some healthy Beautycounter products I now use regularly for my oily skin that actually work.

Oily and Blemish-Prone Cleanser

eco-friendly facial cleanser for natural, clean skincare

This daily exfoliating cleanser for oily and blemish-prone skin effectively removes oil and makeup without harsh surfactants that can strips moisture. 

Helpful tip: Here are other cleansers and makeup removers you can try.

Oil Free Moisturizer

organic facial moisturizer for clean skincare this summer

Countercontrol Matte Effect Gel Cream controls oil with cream-to-gel formula for oily and blemish prone skin. This non-greasy hydrator improves skin’s texture without silicone and other ingredients that can clog pores. 

Facial Oil

Brightening Facial Oil citrus-scented serum quickly absorbs and penetrates to replenish skin. Though this is formulated to help with dryness, I still use it at night to help moisturize my skin. Lightweight and silky smooth, it features a proprietary blend of seven natural oils.

Mineral Sunscreen

all natural sunscreen lotion for clean skincare

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion guards against sun’s damaging rays with this water-resistant sunscreen lotion. Formulated with non-nano zinc and California Poppy, this formula provides an effective shield from UVA/UVB, while being gentle and pleasant on the skin.

Helpful Tip: Sun protection is crucial to your overall health. Here is a list of more sunscreen lotions, sprays and sticks from Beautycounter.

Body Lotion

Non-toxic Hydrating body lotion for clean skincare

Clean skincare doesn’t stop at your face. I wanted to share this eco-friendly body lotion from Beautycounter. This citrus Hydrating Body Lotion nourishes skin with this lightweight, fast-absorbing body lotion. Rich in antioxidants and amino and fatty acids, it ensures your skin stays smooth and supple all day long.

summer clean skincare products from Beautycounter

Over at the Sleeping with Jewelry Facebook group, we talk a lot about jewelry and accessories. However, I do like to reach out to my audience to ask them about other popular concerns and beauty trends. Cleaner beauty is a big topic these days and I love to hear what others think of it.

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What do you think?

In addition to these products, is clean skincare your savior? Would you be willing to check out Beautycounter yourself? What other clean skincare brands do you love using?

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