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I have some great news and I wanted you to find it here, first! Yep! You read that right, Sleeping with Jewelry is officially on Bloglovin’!

sleeping with jewelry is on bloglovin


It took a couple of days to finally set up but I’m on Bloglovin’!

If you are reading this and asking “What the heck is Bloglovin’, I have NEVER heard of this word.”

Well, let me break it down for you!

What is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is a tool for keeping up with blogs. Lots of bloggers turned to it after the demise of Google Reader. You can log in and follow any blogger on any platform and see the latest posts from all the blogs you follow in one spot.

Unlike with Google Reader, you don’t read posts on Bloglovin’. Clicking a post title brings up the full post on the blogger’s own site; this means you can easily leave comments, and the blogger gets credit for a page view.

Now, you may be asking “Ashli, I already come to your blog (daily *wink*) AND I get your newsletter, why do I also need to follow you here?”

Well, you can also follow other blogs you might be interested in AND you can browse and follow any topic all on one platform. Since you are a jewelry fanatic just like me, there are other jewelry bloggers to discover. Same with fashion bloggers, photography bloggers, art bloggers, brands, etc.

Also, if you are a fellow blogger, we can follow each other! I would LOVE to read what your interests are and its another way we can connect!

They also have an app where you can read on the go (like we love to do instead of looking people in the eye) and stay up to day with everyone’s most recent posts.

Follow Sleeping with Jewelry on Bloglovin’

So, if you would be so kind as to show my new blog some love and follow me on Bloglovin’ that would be awesome!

Sleeping with Jewelry is also on Pinterest and gaining new followers every day!

I have also created a wonderful group on Facebook filled with jewelry and fashion lovers. I talk about why I created my first jewelry Facebook group and what really excites me about this community of ladies. Right now this community is small, but new requests are starting to come daily and we are growing by the week. It’s such an exciting group and I think you would gain some amazing insights about jewelry and accessory finds and trends.

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Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

FUN FACT: I am a donut lover with a slight shopping addiction.

I have been writing Sleeping with Jewelry blog since 2017 in hopes to connect with you all and share my love for accessories and shopping! I hope you enjoy the big smiles and gold jewelry seen across every page. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all!

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