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Hi, my name is Taylor Markel! I’m North Dakota born and raised with an unbeatable work ethic and passion for what I do. I’m a BIG believer of feeling good on the outside AND on the inside, so I remain true to my own brand of unique fashion flair and I’m passionate about living with a positive outlook. After all, every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I have a wide variety of fashion styling, fashion design and visual display experience. I’ve styled models for fashion shows and photo shoots as well as customers in a retail setting. Now blogging about fashion and positivity is on my list of fashion endeavors!

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family and friends, shopping, relaxing in bookstores (especially Barnes and Noble!), traveling and reading.

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Growing up, especially in my elementary school years, I was a total tomboy (meaning that I wasn’t super girly, I loved sports and didn’t pay much attention to what I wore). Fashion was one of the farthest things from my mind when I was so busy with soccer, family, friends, books, Harry Potter Lego sets and gaming! My grandma would let me, my sister and cousins sew with her when we were younger, making things like shirts, pillowcases and pajamas, but it wasn’t really until my middle school years that I got bit by the fashion bug and a lot of my goals and dreams came to be rooted within the fashion industry.  

Especially these days, I love a stellar outfit with a strong edginess to it, whether that be in the form of studs, statement jewelry, ripped jeans, faux leather or androgynous apparel pieces like a blazer jacket, for example. My style often gives off a tough-girl chic vibe. In large part, I think my tendency to dress with a tough-girl edge is inspired by my childhood when my one of my best gal friends at that time and I played soccer with the boys, and I collected Pokémon cards like it was my job. Nowadays, I collect fashion pieces for my closet that help me curate a visual and artistic representation of who I am. It’s great to utilize fashion to create a tangible description of our own personal views on what it means to be stylish and feel like each of us is dressing to be the best version of ourselves

Despite the fact fashion has blossomed into a huge passion of mine that fuels my creativity, to this day that tomboy from my childhood is still a part of me in many ways. For one thing, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty (even literally!) and work hard. Also, just because I’m a female who’s absolutely hooked on fashion, that doesn’t mean I can’t be tough and hold my own! We as women are truly amazing creatures, each of us born with the potential to be strong, confident and emboldened members of society. I can represent this feminine-strong mindset in part by the outfits I present myself in to the world, showing them that I am feminine-strong and tough-girl chic. Ladies, don’t be afraid to be feminine-strong! What I mean by this is don’t be shy about the amazing person that you get the opportunity to be in life. Be chic, be tough, be stylish, be smart, be innovative, be passionate – be YOU. Equip yourself with style and a positive, confident attitude that shows the best version of you. Believe in your own strength and abilities and, rest assured, there’s not much you can’t accomplish if you put your mind to it and be your authentic self! That’s what it means to me to be tough-girl chic.

I want to hear from YOU!

What does it mean to YOU to be tough-girl chic? Leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post; I can’t wait to read them!

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