Why I Started My Jewelry Facebook Group

I started my very first Facebook group Sleeping with Jewelry to talk to you.

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I Blogged for independence

Being new to the blogging world (this post was made when I was 4 months into my blogging journey), I was trying every possible thing I could to get my blog off the ground quickly. I wanted so desperately to get out of working a corporate job. Better yet, I wanted to stop waking up at 5:00am every morning to get ready for work. I wanted to officially end the struggle of paying a $1,400/month house mortgage with my smaller than average paycheck.

Earning money my own way on my own damn terms was my dream. Living a life where I did my own damn thing was my goal. I needed to make a B-line to my goal of #independentwoman ASAP and I needed to ride on the back of my blog to get there.

This was my first mistake.

blogging is a community, not a proprietary

As I started joining other blogging groups and talking to bloggers who have been in the game for a while, I noticed something. What I hadn’t realized was that blogging isn’t about me, me, me. It should be about “we”. I had way too many “I” and “me” in my way of thinking. You want to count how many times I thought about myself in my blogging elevator pitch? Let’s count – “I want to use my blog to get me out of my life that I really didn’t like and propel myself into a better life that I think is best for me.” Did you count?

Not one time in my statement did I say “we”. I didn’t think of blogging as a “we”, I didn’t see blogging as a collective. I should have seen blogging as a public of women, of people, coming together to form a community. Blogging is a way to connect to an audience I would have never gotten the chance to meet otherwise. So, I re-positioned myself from a “me first” introvert, to a helpful extrovert. That’s where this community comes in!

 Join My Sleeping with Jewelry Facebook Group

Why I Decided To Start My Jewelry Facebook Group

I wanted a better way to engage with fellow fashion, accessory and jewelry lovers because we all share a very common interest. This community would invite everyone to connect and talk to each other. I want to ask my followers about there day, and what they love to do. I hope that this group makes strangers into friends and creates a supportive and fun environment.

Boss Girl Bloggers

I am apart of another blogging Facebook group Boss Girl Bloggers and what I love about this group is the tight knit community Lauren (the admin) created. I love the helpfulness all the members willingly give to one another. Plus, Lauren does a FANTASTIC job making sure she is present and connects to all her members. That’s the type of community I would like to start!

Style Collective

Another amazing female blogger centric group I joined is Style Collective. This group is still pretty new for me, but so far I am LOVING what this community offers! Style Collective is a community that you can join, only 10$ a month (7 day free trial) and it gives you the opportunity to meet other lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion bloggers. One of my favorite parts about Style Collective is they have annual conferences that you can attend and actually meet other bloggers in your area! Definitely recommend checking this opportunity out!


I love connecting with other bloggers and readers who enjoy shopping for clothes and accessories. Bloglovin’ is a fantastic destination for readers to discover fashion and lifestyle content written by their favorite bloggers around the world. All of my favorite blogs are in one place with Bloglovin’ and I never miss a new post from some of the best content writers around. I wanted to make sure my readers never missed one of my posts as well, so we joined the community!

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The Goal of my Jewelry Facebook Group

The goal of my Facebook group is not to drag more attention to my blog, its not to sell you anything. Its to inspire and create and develop a place where jewelry loving women and men have a place to go to meet, converse, question and inspire! That’s the type of community I would like to start!

So, I would LOVE to invite you into my brand new community for fashion and jewelry lovers! I invite you to share your blog posts + share your ideas + ask questions + ask for inspiration and tips! I made this space for everyone!

Would love it if you joined my group on FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAM


Ashli White
Ashli White

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  1. February 1, 2018 / 8:37 am

    Ashli!!! I’m so happy that you decided to go for the Facebook group! I think you will love it and it will become a supporting community! I also loved everything you said about the "we" instead of "I" because it’s so true! Blogging is a community "we" thing!

    And thank you so much for mentioning Boss Girl Bloggers and for the sweet words! Seriously made my day reading this post by you!

    Keep up the amazing work love!
    – Ell (Lauren)

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