Rings Don’t Fit? Here’s the Best Home Remedy

It happens to the best of us, but its no less depressing when it does. There is no main reason this happens, but take solace in knowing you are not the only one. You know its coming because the mornings are getting harder and harder to get around it. Yes, that day comes when your rings don’t fit! There is a simple and free home remedy to still wear your rings. This solution works if your rings are too big or too small.

home remedy for rings dont fit

My rings don’t fit anymore! What Can I do?

Speaking directly to women, knowing very well that our bodies change – they change for the better and they change in ways we cannot control. Its “that time of the month” change. Its “your body holds more water in the mornings” change. Its “there’s way too much salt in my diet” change. Its “we’re having a baby” change. Its “oh wow, that scale used to read a lot less” change. Its “oh wow, that scale use to read a lot more” change. No matter the change, it affects us women in the most annoying ways possible – things don’t fit anymore.

What I have come to realize is my rings never seem to know what direction my body is heading. My rings stay steadfast in their size 8 status and aren’t showing any signs of getting to know my body mass any time soon. My first reaction was to just get my rings resized, and that is certainly an idea. However, sizing rings come with a price – not to mention, what happens when your body gets back to the size it was when you first purchased the ring? Are you going to get it resized again?

When that time comes, and it will, I want you to take a pause before directing your aim at throwing your rings into the garbage.

home remedy for rings that are too small

I have a simple solution for those times when you cry because your body has grown out of its original state and left your favorite rings behind. Have you ever heard of wearing your rings as a necklace?

Its really that simple and only requires 2 steps and 2 ingredients.

1.      Find a leather necklace cord or a simple gold or silver necklace chain,

2.      Slide your rings onto said cord or chain

I had this idea when I overheard a pregnant woman bummed that their wedding rings no longer fit and hated to leave her rings at home. *Eureka!*

Did any of you see that Sex and the City episode where Carrie was outed for wearing her engagement ring as a necklace instead of on her finger by an “old friend”? Carrie’s fear of marriage commitment started a new trend! Ok, the rest of the episode was sort of a downer, but you see where I am trying to make lemonade out of very expensive diamond lemons.

This solution of wearing your rings as a necklace not only allows you to keep your best accessories close to your heart at all times, it also creates a brand-new jewelry accessory for your collection. I dare you to make this simple change out of rings in your jewelry box that I KNOW have been sitting in there collecting dust for the last year (+). Get creative with it! Mix several rings together. Use a single statement ring and let it stand on its own. Use a mixture of both. Create a monochromatic look of all gold or all silver. Use a mixture of both! Add texture with a pendant necklace and just add your rings.

More jewelry solutions for rings that don’t fit

If you aren’t really feeling the whole necklace thing, no worries! Try this look as a bracelet!

Feeling REALLY creative? Bring back the 80’s and add a simple ring to a large hoop earring (note I said simple!) Don’t rock a big chunky ring on your ear, it could do more damage to your ear than good.

Comment below and tell me if you tried this look and what you thought!

Ashli Cargill
Ashli Cargill

FUN FACT: I am a donut lover with a slight shopping addiction.

I have been writing Sleeping with Jewelry blog since 2017 in hopes to connect with you all and share my love for accessories and shopping! I hope you enjoy the big smiles and gold jewelry seen across every page. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all!

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    • Ashli White
      October 27, 2017 / 12:54 pm

      Oh absolutely! I used to do the exact same thing with mine. Those rings I couldnt part with just stayed on my vanity gathering dust until I could fit them on again (which was usually never). Lo, these are one of those times where I was like "I cant believe I didnt think about this before!" I’m so glad I could help out!!!

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