Where to Find Summer Accessories Under $100

Another month down, another season almost over. We are approaching that magical time of year when covered legs are a thing of the past. A time where we are spending most of our day outdoors. Depending on where you live and whenever the Summer heat hits your town, new trends are approaching. I’ve talked all season about Spring jewelry trends, but I tended to leave out accessories. It’s probably because there are so many variations of accessories that it’s much too much to cover in one post. Well, that reluctance of mine ends today, because I want to talk about just that – accessories! More specifically, summer accessories that will kick off the season. It’s time to adorn yourself in the latest trends that are also kind to your budget. That’s why I pieced together these 5 summer accessories that are under $100 for you to covet and keep!

5 summer accessories and jewelry under $100

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Time for a summer accessories wardrobe revamp

Lately I’ve been talking about the excitement of coming upon a new season! New seasons bring new opportunities to experience your best self. I love the times when I can revamp my wardrobe with the latest trends and styles. But, my bank account does not agree with my champagne taste and I am forced to find other ways to look my best. As a reader of my blog, you know that I always recommend styles that are wallet friendly. Today’s post is no exception when it comes to these cute accessories that kick start the Summer.

I love taking you guys with me as I hunt for the most stylish, chicest, budget friendly jewelry and accessory items. My blog dedicates itself to discovering new designers, new trends, and affordable sales to introduce. Just a little something you can pick out online to keep your shopping addiction happy. My wallet and wardrobe often thank me for being responsible when shopping, and I want to share my findings with all of you!

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trending Summer accessories that are actually affordable

In my opinion, Summer is the best time to experiment with different colors and styles. You don’t have to follow the rules of the drab and dark schemes of Fall and Winter. Those colder climates don’t really allow for fruit themed earrings and straw bags. Now that climates are heating up across the country, you no longer have to add a third layer to go outside. Pulling your look together no longer calls for a jacket, scarf, coat, gloves, etc.

Now, we get to play around with cute summer accessories that are used to either pull your outfit together, or speak for itself! Adding a really cool bag (think belt bags), or a statement jewelry piece is the perfect cherry on top. I wrote briefly on hair clips to take you through Spring, but this time, I want to dive deeper into the Summer accessories trend. Who’s ready to shop some budget friendly fashion finds!

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5 summer accessories under $100


Now, I am the type of woman that believes jewelry completes the outfit. This may be why my jewelry collection consists of more pieces than I have tops. But, for those of you who really like to stick to one piece of jewelry daily, I hear you, girl! If you are looking to purge your outdated jewelry and expand your collection, keep scrolling.

This Summer, the jewelry trend is gold pieces and fun shell jewelry to capture your heart.

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I am actually pretty bad about leaving my house without glasses, and sunscreen. I really need to add sunglasses to my mantra when leaving the house “keys, wallet, phone…sunnies!” While I lust after Kendall Jenner’s half cat-eye Balenciaga sunglasses, they will forever be out of my budget. There is really something to be said about an affordable pair of sunglasses you can throw in your bag. This way you won’t really care if they get broken, lost, stolen, or stepped on.

Fellow blogger Michelle from Take Aim shared the 6 biggest Sunglasses Trends for Summer. And while I am in love with her selection, they aren’t really items I can spend my resources on.

My favorite: I love this pair from Le Specs for only $89

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have not only made a come back this season, they are officially here to stay for Summer. This trend started when Selena Gomez sported her “UGLY” hair clip last Fall. I remember the days when my hair was done up in barrettes, scrunchies, and head bands. Growing up in the 90’s came with its own fashion risks, and we are catching a glimpse of those days all over again.

Today’s hair accessories are a way to give a little pizzazz to any outfit. These clips and such are so cute and budget friendly I may snag a few myself.


I was never a hat person. I owned a few beanies back in my day, but for the most part, my hair stayed free and unencumbered. It wasn’t until I learned the true dangers of going without a hat and sunscreen in the dead of a Texas Summer that I started taking the trend more seriously.

Sometimes accessories are meant to be life savers, and this Summer accessory does just that. Being fashionable and safe is getting easier by the season as designers try to marry the two. Good thing straw hats are in season and just in time for that beach vacay!

My favorite: This straw fedora from Brixton! It has the cutest scalloped brim detail, and it’s under $70!


I won’t get started talking about bags – we would be here all day. I have been a bag lady since I was a young teen, and my obsession was large tote bags. Times have changed, and so have my taste in bags. I have gone from oversized hobo bags, to more functional hands free crossbody bags. My favorite place to shop for affordable, sturdy, fashionable bags online is MYBAG Handbags.

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Now I am seeing that my preference for bags changes with the seasons. Once it starts to get warm, all I want to do is wear muted chain link bags, wicker and belt bags. Here are some of my favorites, under $100 of course.

what do you think?

Who else is ready for Summer? Are you traveling anywhere? Which of these summer accessories are your absolute favorite? Drop a comment below and don’t forget to share this post!

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Ashli Cargill

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