Get Rid of these Outdated Jewelry Trends

In order for us to evolve as humans, we must say goodbye to things once known. When welcoming something new into our wardrobe, you must say goodbye to something else. Cleaning out our closets is so easy. We often do it with each new season and when new trends catch our eye. The sentiment is not so easy, however, when it comes to our jewelry. We often tend to turn a blind eye where our jewelry is concerned. But, just like our clothes, jewelry styles get old and so last season. Here are 7 outdated jewelry trends to help you stay relevant this season.

Getting rid of outdated jewelry trends for spring

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Since our jewelry takes up significantly less space (no matter how you store it), than our clothes, it tends to get overlooked. It’s far easier to build up an excess of outdated jewelry pieces that can go unnoticed. I believe Spring Cleaning involves all areas of your wardrobe, including jewelry. Unless you are one of the fortunate who can wear the same jewelry pieces each day and be perfectly happy, chances are you have several pieces that can go.

What to do with your outdated jewelry trends right now

If you are new here, please know that I am not for throwing things in the garbage if they can be salvaged. I have always contributed my gently used items to donation centers so they can be loved by another. In my blog, I like to preach buying affordably, but I also like to drill giving back. If you read this post and find it helpful to your jewelry Spring Cleaning necessities, please also try to give back. Finding a local donation center or Goodwill is always better than having your once beloved pieces tossed in the trash.

7 Outdated Jewelry Trends to Toss

With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into a few outdated jewelry trends that are clogging up your collection. Deciding what to toss and what to keep from your jewelry drawers this season can be a handful.

Below are a few trends I have to say you can toss. In addition, I listed a few spring jewelry trends you should be buying in their place. Also, I list a couple of example jewelry pieces you can shop, or just draw inspiration from.

Toss: Bib Necklaces

KEEP: Statement Hoop Earrings. Fashionable hoop earrings in all colors and shapes should clutter your jewelry box right now. I talk all about gold hoop earrings and how to wear them without fear here.

Toss: 90’s Fabric Chokers

KEEP: Personalized Jewelry. In 2019, we like to celebrate our milestones. We can do just that with personalized jewelry with engravings, meaningful gemstones, or a nameplate. Let your jewelry signify more than just a trend.

Toss: Overly Minimal Pieces

KEEP: Unique Designs for your Everyday Pieces. One trend that is getting tiresome is jewelry that is delicate, simple, and minimal. Honestly, we are getting bored of seeing the same jewelry designs everywhere. And the highly marked up prices.

Instead, replace these pieces with jewelry that has unique designs. Think of special cut diamonds, or decorative elements. Jewelry like this can still be simple, but most importantly it won’t be boring as heck.

Toss: Ear Crawlers

KEEP: Colorful Hoops. They had a good run, but I think I speak for everyone when I say ear crawlers are over. Earrings, in general, are definitely having a moment. It also seems that gold isn’t the only standard for hoops. Go for something incredibly funky and colorful this Summer!

Toss: Oversize Jewelry

KEEP: Mix & Match Items. Let’s get rid of oversize, chunky, and down-right heavy pieces of jewelry. It feels contrived and, when you walk, it sounds just as bad. Replace this outdated jewelry trend with smaller, user friendly pieces that can be mixed and matched throughout the season. Smaller pieces are great because you can layer, share, and stack them however you please.

Toss: Boho Chokers

KEEP: Mix and Match Charms. While everything bohemian was great for the duration it lasted, it’s over. Now, let’s focus our attention to layering up tiny chains and charm necklaces. Charms have actually made a comeback from the 90’s loud charm bracelets. They are a way to express yourself and hold personal significance. You can tell your own story based on the symbols, gemstones, initials, and personalization you choose for each piece. The idea is a bespoke, somewhat messy, eclectic mix.

Toss: Ear Jackets

KEEP: Tiny Earrings. I spoke before on the outdated ear crawlers, and now I want to go further in banning ear jackets as well. I will admit, I was never a fan of the front-to-back ear jacket. It seemed unnecessary and strange to see a bauble at the back of your ear.

What I suggest in it’s place are tiny earrings, and lots of them. Multiple ear piercings aren’t going anywhere, and you should be proud to sport them. Utilize each of your piercings with lots of tiny earrings to be worn daily.

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what do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these outdated jewelry trends and see if you agree. There are several more that I am sure you have thought of. Share them with us!

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