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Before my husband and I decided to downgrade from our 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment, we took a hard, discerning look at all of our furniture to see what would come with us. Our dark brown leather sofa was peeling and cracking like crazy. It battled unrelenting Texas heat and 5 years of lounging bodies. So we knew it sadly had to go to the dump.

where to buy a chaise sofaRooms To Go couch | Similar

Our Discount Chaise from Rooms to Go

So, when we moved in to our charming new apartment, we only had room for our smaller dark brown love seat and a couple of tables. Well, sad to say, our love seat suffered the same fate and within a month started to peel on the cushions. The peeling got so bad we decided to just buy an entirely new couch vs. laying a throw over the love seat.

I really wanted a couch with a chaise so I could lounge in the living room and watch TV – and blog, of course. I hate being isolated in the bedroom when I feel like relaxing with my feet up. Getting a brand new sofa with a chaise would solve that problem. Since I went to Rooms To Go for my original living room set, we decided to head back there and see what they offered!

blue chaise with dress

Anthropologie dress | Similar dress | Harrison + Draper Necklace and Earrings

Shop our new chaise

Being an Anthropologie addict, I LOVE color and vintage style! But I have to pair that with my husband’s preference for the unfussy and simple. We married our two ideals and settle for a beautiful blue velvet sofa with convertible chaise! The chaise is a separate piece from the couch and can be moved to either the right or left side and the joining cushion can move with it. We added the two yellow pillows into the mix because I begged my husband for them. The blue hues of the couch really add some exciting color to an otherwise brown color pallet of the apartment. Plus I fell in love with the velvet fabric.

full angle blue chaise

yellow pillows on blue chaise

Rooms To Go (not sponsored) was the perfect decision. At that time, they were promoting a BOGO promotion and we were able to get the pillows for free!

This sofa will definitely be coming with us to our next house because it seems to hold up nicely and the cushions haven’t flatten to date. But, I am looking to retire the coffee table and trade up to a nice decorative ottoman. The two side tables will most likely go as well. It’s tough mixing feminine, vintage and whimsical with simple, monochromatic and unfussy, but my guy and I ended up pulling it off with this sofa!

velvet chaise rooms to go

blue chaise yellow pillowsRooms To Go couch | Similar

Every blogger (scratch that, every home) needs a splash of color and a hint of character with major furniture pieces. I am a strong believer that this is true in every woman. And since women are the mothers, wives and visionaries, what we like will be added into the home.

Let’s talk!

What do you think of our new blue sofa? Comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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