6 Nail wrap bangle hacks and where to buy them

There is one jewelry trend that finally started because of a television show. The nail wrap bangle is becoming a common knock-off, much like Louis Vuitton bags. I decided to join the trend when I found the much less expensive nail bangle at Sterling Forever. Here is a quick list of nail wrap bangles!

The nail wrap bangle trend

Have you been looking for this “it” nail wrap bangle? This really awesome and very on trend minimal bangle has been spotted on the wrists of the Kardashians since earlier this year. I have been obsessed (OBSESSED) with finding this one bangle and have not been able to grab one, mainly because I can’t afford it. This nail bangle with real diamonds and gold platted casing usually goes for $11,000 at Cartier…HAHA! No way am I going to pay that much money for a trend item, no matter how eye catching and perfect. I am all for having what’s new, but this blogger babe has a mortgage, honey.

gold nail wrap bangle for women

places to shop for cheap nail wrap bangleSo, after drying my tears and devising how I can save up without refinancing the loan on my house, I started thinking “If I can’t have the real thing…are their hacks I can snag?”

LET ME GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT – in no way am I talking about illegal counterfeit products that are sold in alleyways. I am not pushing that type of product (and I NEVER will) nor do I want you ladies to think I condone the purchase of counterfeit items, jewelry or otherwise.

shop these nail wrap bangle hacks

What I am talking about are similar items that have the same look and feel, without the heavy price tag. So, I did some digging for you and found these bracelets that are totally worth the trend!

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