6 Crossbody Bags for Going Hands-Free this Fall

We’re busy people juggling a million different things everyday. Think about the number of things you hold in your hands on a daily basis – groceries, shopping bags, kids, life. There just isn’t enough room, or extra hands, to carry more than you already do. That’s why I fell in love with a hands free bag that made my life 100x easier. Crossbody bags are the best way to get through your full day of errand running and child wrangling. I usually prefer these to the cutest satchel because of its ease and versatility. An simple bag that helps streamline our day-to-day is crucial.

where to buy cheap crossbody bags

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The Ease of Crossbody Bags

crossbody bags for women

Sweater: Loft | Bag: Lionel (Similar) | Earrings: Sincerely, Paige | Bracelets: Sincerely, Paige

Crossbody bags are not new to the scene. They date bag way further than you’d think. The real changes made to these bags are their silhouette, color, length, and texture. Easy in nature, this style of a deconstructed satchel allows us to text on our phones, scroll through Instagram, and sip our coffee all while racing to work. If you are a girl on the go with a handful of essentials, a crossbody is a necessary staple. Every bag collection should include a cool, convenient crossbody style. Much the same as having a LDB in your closet, a crossbody is a must-have, especially for Fall.

What makes these bags an important addition to any wardrobe is they can pair with almost any shoe! Crossbodys and flats are the peanut butter and jelly of accessories for Spring/Summer. I paired mine with leather riding boots and a sweater to create an effortless, stylish and comfortable outfit. Both shoe ideas pair with this bag perfectly so don’t be afraid to mix the looks.

Every influencer has a signature piece that defines her personal style. Over the years, I have purchased my fair share of easy-going crossbody bags. Very different than my love for straw tote bags and the strange but incredible clear handbags, crossbody bags are my go-to.

black crossbody bags

crossbody bags with tassel

crossbody bags for hands free living

lionel crossbody bags

Sweater: Loft | Bag: Lionel (Similar) | Earrings: Sincerely, Paige | Bracelets: Sincerely, Paige

The ongoing trend with crossbody bags is they are a good thing that comes in a small package. Ranging from mini to large rectangle, these bags can fit any height of its wearer. Fashion girls everywhere have been quick to adopt the trend, proving that these accessories are making quite a statement. Now, not all crossbody bags are created equal in terms of carefree, but these ready-for-anything bags are versatile.

Can My life fit into a crossbody bag?

I will full admit the majority of my bags come from my FabFitFun boxes and I promote them proudly. During Summer, FabFitFun partnered with Lionel to release their Javanna crossbody (Similar) bag in beige that I grabbed without a second thought. What I love about this bag is it faux straw exterior and smaller canteen-esque body type. Crossbody bags force you to downsize from your overflowing tote. They make you look hard at what you carry around and make decisions of what to leave behind. Sort of like Spring cleaning for your handbag.

crossbody bags with boots

lionel black crossbody bags

Sweater: Loft | Bag: Lionel (Similar) | Earrings: Sincerely, Paige | Bracelets: Sincerely, Paige

The hardest obstacle you might encountered is finding a crossbody bag that fits seamlessly into your closet and goes with everything.

Crossbody bags for less than $100

The idea of carrying your life in a small bag may seem insane to some. But, its a fantastic way to make a usually hidden accessory much more on point. I know that Fall is a new season and a need to update your closet and jewelry collections. To help hunt down the best styles for under $100, I checked with my best friend, the internet. I grabbed the best colors for Fall, because Fall pantones can come in more than just black. The results are below is a small collection of the 6 best crossbody bags that look way more expensive than they are!

What do you think?

Could you carry your life in a crossbody bag? Which ones of these colorful Fall bags are your favorite? I would love to hear from you!


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