How to Gift a Women’s Watch Like a Pro

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or holiday to buy something special for your someone special. Although buying jewelry and bags are easy go-to’s, let’s consider something more classic. Watches are the best piece of jewelry to buy for her because it’s easy to shop and it goes with anything. In addition, there are so many watch trends to choose from at various prices. But, how do you shop for a women’s watch when it’s your first time making this purchase for her? Read these short, simple tips on how to gift a designer watch for her.

how to shop for women's watch

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Whether its for your wife, sister, mother, or girlfriend, shopping for anyone besides yourself can be a daunting task. Finding the perfect gift, no matter the time of year, can be frustrating especially when you don’t know their style. Jewelry gift shopping is not for the faint-hearted. There are way too many selections and categories to choose from. Also having to decide where to buy and how much to spend is something to consider. That’s why I believe buying a watch is simple, easy, and always lands.

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Regardless of whether you are buying an inexpensive simple watch or a designer selection, a watch gift can last forever. For Christmas in 2017, my husband Frederick bought me 2 Cluse watches – 1 black watch and 1 gray watch. These two watches were the best gift I was ever given. They were such a surprise, and they matched my style perfectly! There are several items in my closet that I can mix and match with these watches, so they are incredibly versatile. What I love most is I can wear either watch to match with a specific occasion. The black is classic and chic. The gray is much more casual, but is strong enough to dress up even my most casual errand running outfits.

 This is what a designer watch can do for anyone you’re buying a gift

If you have an upcoming event or special occasion, a watch could be the perfect option. But, all this means nothing if you don’t know her style. Buying a gift for someone special is different than picking out holiday gifts for friends. I am the type of woman who loves different styles at different times of the day. My overall style really ranges from eclectic, to whimsical, to comfy casual, to inspired vintage. Both of my Cluse watches found a way to combine all of my ways of dress. You need to ensure the watch you buy her is something she would like to receive and love to wear.

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Finding the right women’s watch as a gift is not too difficult if you know and remember these three simple tips. But before we go any further, make sure a watch is exactly what she would like as a gift. Yes, watches are the best piece of jewelry to gift because of their ease and she can wear it everyday. But first know if she even wears watches. I know several women who don’t own a watch and don’t care to. So, do some digging to see if a watch would be on her radar to add to her jewelry collection. If so, then lets get to those tips!

How to find the right women’s watch gift

Consider her preference

The first and most important thing to consider is knowing what type of watch she likes. Does she have an overall simple and minimal way of dressing? Then an elaborate, bright watch will not be up her alley. Instead, look for women’s watches that are unfussy, classic and understated. Maybe find a watch with a blank face like this rose gold Kensington Nixon watch.

Is she more classic and feminine? Try this mesh gold Daniel Wellington watch. It’s personally one of my favorites because of it’s timeless elegance and gold color.

A right gifted watch will resemble her choice of overall style and dress. Not only will she love her new watch, she will appreciate that you gifted her something very personal.

Consider her style

This tip goes back to knowing her dress style, but does extend past that. Her personality, height, and the colors that look best on her should be considered. Does she like to follow the latest trends? She may like something that has a fashion flare like this Olivia Burton leather watch.

Is she a serious girly girl who wears pink and lots of lace? She may love getting cocktails, or she may not own a single pair of flat shoes and only wears heels. You might consider a trendy Kate Spade watch with a little something extra that makes her stand out. Or this Kate Spade if she really loves dogs.

These characteristics will also help you select the perfect watch even if you don’t know her preferences.

Interchangeable straps

Think about this tip because it is two fold. It will save you from the possibility of getting her a color she really doesn’t like. Women really know what colors speak to them and colors look best on them. My husband bought me two different color watches with an additional bright blue interchangeable strap. He knows I like classic and funky styles, and that additional strap was perfect for me!

If she likes matching accessories to her wardrobe or likes contrasting colors, a women’s watch with changeable straps would be a great option. It gives her the freedom to pair her new watch with every outfit.

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What do you think?

Finding a women’s watch is not too difficult if you can pull off just one of these three tips. These tips are especially helpful when you are buying her gift online. Women’s watches all aim to create a modern style, a traditional style, or a blend of both. Any other tips you can share? Leave a comment below and help the rest of us out.


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