My Simplified Fall Skin Care Routine with Y/OUR

Now that Fall is officially upon us, I was recently informed that along with many weather changes, comes skincare updates! I was unaware that your skin undergoes several changes with the time of year. This makes sense as I begin to pay more attention to my routine for my oily skin. I recently found an incredible organic skincare brand that specializes in personalized skincare called Y/OUR Skin. It was serendipitous that my quest for Fall skin care should meet with this all natural ingredient company. I tested their 4 step routine for about a week on my acne prone skin. Below is what I found out about Y/our personalized skin care.

y/our personalized skin care routine

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Y/OUR Personalized Skin Care. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. My views and opinions are my own based on my experience and not swayed in any way. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

What is Y/OUR Personalized Skin Care?

y/our skin care 4 step routine

A little fact about me, I collect skin care products WAY more than I collect make-up. I really don’t love wearing makeup enough to drown in lip liners and cover-ups. This is mainly because I have very oily skin and am so prone to acne. Me adding makeup to my already sick pores just adds fuel to the fire. When I look for skin care to treat my oily skin, I really like to find products that exclude foreign ingredients and is as clean as possible. I was really excited to try Y/OUR personalized skin care to transition my skin into Fall.

y/our skin care full routine

What makes Y/OUR so unique is its custom formula that is tailor made for your skin. There are several external and internal situations that affect your skin and how it appears. Things like your immediate environment, your eating habits, sleeping habits, genetics, and stress. Y/OUR skin care takes the guesswork out of skincare to provide your skin with its very own custom regimen for your specific needs. Ultimately, this USA based brand takes green beauty products and syncs them to match your skin concerns.

What makes Y/OUR Personalized Skin Care Different?

After spending so much time looking for the right skin care products for my oily, acne prone skin, I just stuck with what I knew. Honestly, I really did not want to try any other products that messed with my skin’s temperamental balance. For the longest time, I used Boscia for a cleanser, toner, exfoliate, and deep conditioning masks. After a while, having to go through all those steps is tiring and my skin still looked oily!

So, when I discovered Y/OUR skin care and their promise to remove unnecessary toxic ingredients and deliver a heavily personalized regimen that spoke to my own skin, I was curious.

The number one thing that makes this brand different is their botanical, clean ingredients. With every one of their products being paraben, sulfate and toxin free, I trusted this product on my skin. Another perk was the brand is cruelty free and not tested on animals. Each product is personalized for you based off your skin analysis quiz. The customized products are designed to work together for your complete regimen for day and night routines.

how y/our skin care works

How does Y/OUR Personalized Skin Care Work for you?

Y/OUR Skin Quiz

What made me really trust this brand was their skin analysis quiz! Their quiz is designed to find the best “kind to skin” ingredients and specialized formulas for your specific type. I love how detailed and easy this quiz is! It asks you more than your skin care concerns (such as “I have oily skin”). It wants to know your specific problems and digs into your everyday habits and routines. I remember it asked me if I was pregnant or trying to conceive, the climate of my surroundings, and when my skin starts to act up (usually around my cycle).

The entire quiz takes about 5, less than 10 minutes based on the types of answers you give. Not only are you being asked what your skin concerns are, you must also answer if you smoke, what stresses you out, how often you are outside, etc.

Y/OUR Skin Regimen

After the quiz comes your personalized routine that includes 4 distinct steps:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Day Cream
  3. Serum, and
  4. Night Cream

What I like about my complete regimen is the clean, minimal design and numbered bottles. Ideally, your regimen should be used each morning and night.

y/our skin care day cream

y/our skin care cleanser

y/our skin care night cream

My results confirmed that I have oily skin and suggested I use specific ingredients that will be included in my new routine. I was FINALLY able to say goodbye to trial and error products with high cost/low reward. Here are the results from my quiz and the ingredients used for my personalized routine.

y/our skin analysis

y/our ingredients for my oily skin

How to Use Y/OUR Skin Care

For the sake of not interrupting my new process of trying out these cruelty free products, I chose to forgo any other items from my previous routine. I started out by using this in the morning fresh out of the shower on the first day.


y/our cleanser

I did continue to use my Clarisonic spin brush when using my cleanser.

Applying warm water to my face, I cleansed for 1 minute, then washed off with warm water. There is minimal lather with this cleanser which I was not used to.

y/our day cream sun screen

Next is the day cream, which to my surprise is actually a sun screen. I mentioned in my quiz that I never use a sunscreen even living in sunny Texas my whole life. Apparently, not using a sun screen is a big negative and I was granted a mineral based cream to remedy that.

y/our serum

After the day cream comes the serum. I was admittedly nervous about this step. Having oily skin, I was programmed to believe using a serum would drastically clog my pores and cause acne. I was surprised how lightweight this water gel formula was and how it quickly absorbed into my skin.

y/our night cream

The night cream was such a cooling, calming, thick cream that really ate up the excess oil as I slept! When I woke up, my skin was really soft and there was noticeably less oil, though the oil was not 100% gone.

What I found interesting (odd) was there is no exfoliate included in my routine. I grew up exfoliating the dead skin from my face and neck and found it important in my routine. I decided to not question the exclusion of an exfoliate and just move forward with my recommended products. Could this mean Y/OUR skin doesn’t see a need to exfoliate skin? Maybe they believe this somewhat extreme method of cleaning skin is unnecessary? Who knows, maybe my skin doesn’t really need an exfoliate.

My 30 Day Challenge with Y/OUR Skin

Since this is a brand new product for me and something my skin has yet to get used to, I decided to create a small challenge. After 1 full week of using these products, this may be the best skin care I have used. I am pretty surprised how well and quickly it worked and how my skin has positively reacted to the sudden change in ingredients. Continuing to use this product for a full 30 days should show any drastic changes in my skin (aka my cycle). My 30 day follow up will be at the end of October!

What do you think?

With the craze of clean everything and the surge of super foods, what do you think of this brand so far? I really like the all natural ingredients and have a new appreciation for botanical beauty. Have you heard of or tried this brand? What is your favorite natural skin care brand?


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