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Get in touch with me – I promise I am really, really nice to talk to! I do read every single email that comes to my inbox and I get back to everyone the minute I see it (that is my promise to you).

I am in the United States in central standard time (CST) and I look at emails as soon as I get up and throughout the day.

  • So, if you are Eastern (1 hour ahead of me) – I will be right with you.
  • If you are Pacific (2 hours behind me) – Good morning!

OK, so since I have my blog, my online jewelry boutique business and my personal emails to keep track of, I want to make sure you are getting in touch with me the right way on your first try.

If you are a BRAND, fellow blogger, or company and wish to hire me, your best place to reach me is I am pleased to offer a number of services to brands and bloggers interested in doing collaborations with me.

If you want to ask about Sincerely, Paige, your best place to reach me is Or head over to and fill out the form under CONTACT.

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If you are none of the above and just want to bless me with your digital presence, email me using the form below.