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statement and minimal necklaces for outdoors

Hi Ladies! I’m so happy you’ve ventured over to my blog Sleeping with Jewelry! My name is Ashli Cargill.

You might know me from my jewelry Facebook group Sleeping with Jewelry. My Facebook page is a community I created for jewelry lovers and fashion and style bloggers to come together and talk about fashion accessories.

I love this group because it also connects so many jewelry lovers together while also creating meaningful conversations. Our community is still growing and I talk much more about why I started it and what I hope for it to become for everyone here.

If you are looking for a community filled with supporting bloggers and entrepreneurs, I suggest you join us!

  • Are you looking for more jewelry inspiration for your day-to-day look?
  • Not sure how to accessorize for that upcoming event?
  • Looking to ramp up your jewelry box from boring pieces to more statement making baubles?
  • Have no idea what jewelry looks are best on you?
  • How about the best places to buy affordable, eye catching pieces that are runway worthy?

Here, you will find daily inspiration to help you fall deeper in love with jewelry and how to style, strut and sass your way throughout the day! At Sleeping with Jewelry, your jewels always make the outfit. I will make sure you know the latest fashion jewelry and accessories trends and how best to style based on your own #ootd personality.

And best of all, by joining the Sleeping with Jewelry tribe, you will be the first to know of new posts that just went live. I also love to shop and really want you to have first dibs of jewelry and accessory sales happening right now. I am always excited to detail my shopping journeys and sharing my favorite retail stores.

where should you start?

Get your freebie

First off, we all love freebies. The best ones are those that can help you make your life and your personal style so much easier. This season, I decided to upgrade my wardrobe and my accessories using a very simple method. This method can help your personal style as well, and yes – it’s free!


There is a lot more to learn about myself, my mission and my blog! You can read more about the jewelry Facebook community I started here.

About Me

I know that the name “Sleeping with Jewelry” is a strange and unique one. I talk much more about why I chose the name and how it generated into this blog here.


Lastly, if you want to contact me for any questions or collabs, you can contact me here.